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  1. there is nothing handsome about a man that annihilates his entire family. get some help.
  2. tw: suicide. this all after a "twitter fight" between kanye and ariana that pete got involved in
  3. I may be back when the egos and the bullies calm down but for now, I’m out. This site won’t last long if everyone keeps treating others so poorly but i wish you all the best.
  4. And this is why people leave here. And this is why i spend more time on A T R L. Y’all are bullies. #byefelicia
  5. Slut shaming is disgusting. Especially when a man does it. A man should never comment on what a woman does with her body.
  6. i legit didn't expect anyone to be nice. this thread is for defending your favs and calling people out, right? that's exactly what i am doing. y'all are too fucking much sometimes.
  7. imagine being an adult male in 2018 and insulting women for their sex lives that they know nothing about? sad.
  8. i'm aware of where we are. and i'm still calling you out and telling you it's not cute, sweetie.
  9. shaming women (anyone really) for who she sleeps who isn't cute. nice try.
  10. i didn't even report this post? lmao. next time message me if you want to "call me out"