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  1. Hello, I'm back from being banned and I'm stronger than ever with a million warning points A legend
  2. Just as disgusting as giving me warning points
  3. I have a million warning points what else do I have to say
  4. I have a million warning points

    1. King or Queen

      King or Queen

      What did you do ? 

  5. I don't get people that ask for 'evidence' like what are you expecting a picture of Michael's dick in a boy's mouth?
  6. Craig gave me warning points he better give them to himself for repressing his homosexuality

  7. Because we know how we really are that's why we bully each other
  8. I swear to god those two are gay I was shocked when they announced their wives but I believe them
  9. Is Craig the homo seriously a moderator

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    2. Swagga


      ^of course you would, racist!

    3. WeKeepOnRockin


      Great argument. 

    4. 🔱Vishal


      this isnt NHB