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  1. Teenage Dream is so good, taste. Here are mine: - Run Away with Me - Into You - Bad Romance/Poker Face - Crazy In Love - Umbrella
  2. They still expecting me to care about this after Carly JUST dropped her new album?
  3. Everyone stream “Too Much” by Carly Rae Jensen. :gunga:

  4. My parents moved from Venezuela to Canada when I was like 5.
  5. I don’t think they should, some of the time it’s not completely in their control how much they weigh due to poverty, health issues, mental issues etc. ALTHOUGH, if they take up atleast two seats in a bus/airplane I find it uncomfortable for both people in that case. There should be atleast “plus size” seats that may cost more if they can’t be put in the “average” seats.
  6. We need to stop James Charles for once and for all. Ever since his outfits from coachella.
  7. Probably not. She’s just not killing it right now because the GP is too rap obsessed. Maybe if she pulls a Billy Ray Cyrus and works with a rapper she can actually destroy the charts.
  8. I didn’t even have to decline because my parents wouldn’t let me go anywhere in the first place. Now I decline mostly due to how different everyone’s job hours are.
  9. Carly’s new album coming out May 17th!
  10. Bleh

    Why do you hate them?

    I don’t HATE some but let’s see why I don’t approve of their success: Selegend: Sis can’t sing, nice girl but should’ve stayed in acting. J-Flop: Overhyped by Americans, The rest of the world doesn’t care about her, Steals songs/vocals from black women, latinos deserve a better representative than her. Ed Shitstain: Boring Music, white mediocrity. A bunch of rappers: Some don’t even write their own songs nor can they sing or have good songs but they’re still in the charts?? Mess. A lot are homophobic.
  11. My mom. I get along with my dad but whenever I talk to him it’s just like....