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  1. I love this. 💀💀💀 @GilletteIsOverParty thoughts?
  2. Cardi fighting with that Tomi roach on twitter. I... :rip: Queen of Politics. 

  3. This what I was thinking. Like what else is he gonna do?
  4. I’ve had so many. I remember having beef with one of my cousins one time when I was like 8 and making up some type of song like “The ugly fat person is called na na na” and taught some of my littler cousins the song even though they didn’t know what some of the words meant. Fast forward to a family dinner, one of my little cousins got bored and started singing the song, not only did the cousin that the song was made about heard it, the whole family table heard it and the rest of the little cousins started singing along. It was truly a mess.
  5. Knowing that the GP are rape apologists streaming R. Kelly, this might benefit her at this point.
  6. I’m glad my country Canada has taste, as always.
  7. Yes, Who would have thought Halsey would be the one pop act to not flop.
  8. All Your Fault was good BUT the moment she made that song with those country flops she really dipped.
  9. That looks like something from an Asian/lesbian fetish porn magazine. I wouldn’t call that LGBT presentation. 💀💀💀
  10. The Xtina version is RIGHT there. Y’all really have no taste/morals.
  11. Her career going down the drain. Not only is she enabling a rapist and dating him BUT conceiving a child? Mess.
  12. This thread a mess. 💀💀 Anyways Carlegend Slay Jepsen. Unproblematic white queen.