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  1. We hope... This may be her last chance if she wants just 3 singles as she said Also, do you think she will bother to promote God is a woman after the VMAs tho?
  2. We miss u here. Happy late birthday few days ago <3

  3. I love her but the title seems so boring imo I hope it's just a lyric but she's my queen so I'll support her even if the song flops
  4. I to the C to the O to the N to the I to the C
  5. I don't know... People is excited to hear new music from her... also, she has a new promo team and this time she has Scooter, so... who knows
  6. Ended the waka waka bitch and the mariah carey impersonator
  7. Why? This is REAL TEA. And no, this is not an April Fools day joke
  8. Since we already know some of the girls that are dropping albums this year. In your opinion, who is the one that most likely will flop besides the hype they have on stan twitter? Discuss
  9. She literally got a #1 album, a top 5, a 100% sold out tour, 2 grammy nominations, joanne sold 2m ww... how is that being a fad?
  10. Problem, Bang Bang, Into You, Love Me Harder, Dangerous Woman, Break Free Dangerous Woman
  11. This is why La Miki Minach is the queen of rap, bitch writes her own stuff