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  1. 5. Out of the Woods - 276. All You Had to Do Was Stay - 268. Bad Blood - 409. Wildest Dreams - 2912. I Know Places - 3313. Clean - 1616. New Romantics - 44
  2. I know, right! My ears were shocked to hear her say that, LOL! Now that's all over my timeline!
  3. FYI, all of these were my favorite lyrics from each song
  4. New Year's Day wasn't officially a promotional single for the album. It is now sent to the country radio, making it a single. But, New Year's Day is one of the best songs on reputation
  5. I love Call It What You Want, I Did Something Bad, and Dancing With Our Hands Tied
  6. I would love to see a music video of The Louvre!
  7. rep.1989


    OMG! I totally forgot! I love Camilla's music too!