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  1. Some people on here try WAY too hard to be controversial.
  2. He seemed decent to me. This is gross.
  3. Such a solid album! Definitely worth a listen
  4. I can't remember everyone rn but here goes: (Sorry if I forgot anyone) @neonnights @Craig @Barbie @Homojénik @Oh My Gaga @Livelikemusic @Gratitude @hotshot @AmazingAzalean @Ahmazing Queen Meda
  5. I've luckily had the privilege of being able to experience many countries. 1. USA (Home Country) 2. Ireland 3. Australia 4. Canada 5. Germany 6. Austria 7. Italy 8. France
  6. Omg thanks @Homojénik @hotshot @Craig! You guys really made my day (and back at ya guys)
  7. I can smell the fragile masculinity quaking because of a soy latte... Hmm... I never thought I'd have to type that...
  8. I love this @Gratitude!! Thanks so much!
  9. The extremes of both sides are terrible. That's all.
  10. I'm just talking in my medical mode rn though. Lol