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  1. I call her racist because she does the same with people from other countries or people of different skin color. And also the other students agree that she is a racist bitch.
  2. I have tried, but it doesnt help at all, it actually made things worse
  3. She gives me nothing but bad grades, blames the way I talk, she keeps on giving me bad grades even tho I am one of the best ones in the class, I get good grades in all my subjects, except for her subjects. Today I had to do a presentation that I prepared for 2 weeks, only working on it, I memorized EVERYTHING, made the best Power Point I've ever done, but no matter what, she will keep on giving me bad grades. PLEASE WHAT CAN I DO?
  4. Ehmm, excuse me but MADONNA is the one and only Queen
  5. Fifth Harmony (ALBUM) is a masterpiece, just like a Havana, CITC & IHQ
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    Britney, Demi, Selena, Taylor, 5H, Camila, Bebe, Dua, Yonce, Ari, Nicki, Miley, Kesha, Kylie, Lorde, Rihanna, Katy, Iggy, Meghan, Ellie, Jessie J, Kelly, Bridget, Tinashe, P!nk, Fergie and I can name a 100 more
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    You´re a 100% righ honey
  9. Not sure how good the impression was, but that ASMR tho
  10. Matias V.


    Agree, imagine SG2 without Fetish & Wolves
  11. Matias V.


    A 100 times Only Forever, not because Ruin The Friendship is bad, its just that Only Forever is a super bop