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  1. Where have you been... where did you go?

    Those summer nights seem long ago...

  2. Vote sempiternal for mod

  3. Yeah I kinda want lana to scream like that on a track! play dead is honestly so refreshing, one of my faves from debut
  4. yeah, I honestly don't like her voice that much and I'd rather have someone I actually listen to I wonder what a lana x bjork song would sound like
  5. yeah I want an album with collabs with people like fka twigs too not antony though
  6. did you get that from a lana stan? I looked through their feed and all they were doing was praising her and sharing this piece of info: anyways lower. maybe an f list celeb
  7. honestly if that happened to me I would lock myself in my house for a year, I'm just glad she still makes music she said in the magazine that there are still a lot of things she wants to do so I hope she doesn't retire anytime soon
  8. yeah especially with that crazy person who tried to kill her she's so unlucky too because most celebrities haven't had murder attempts like that
  9. yeah ik, I kinda just want her to find a balance between the two where she is still successful as both a singles and an albums artist but that she doesn't get chased around by the paparazzi and stuff like that. if the album sells 200k by the end of 2018 I will be satisfied
  10. yeah it bothered me there were no singles from vulnicura. I would be so happy if a song charts on the hot 100 like earth intruders but it seems unrealistic tbh
  11. ripp at least there were no full leaks yet she needs to get those coins from this album so she can do something better than the vulnicura virtual reality videos
  12. I think I missed them are there any still up?
  13. and hopefully the track listing will be a bit longer than vulnicura she is coming for those 2017 year end lists I hope the name for the album is good, some people were saying it was going to be somnium but it was probably fake