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  1. For me, Gorgeous, RFI and LWYMMD is at the very bottom, So It Goes is like, number 7 or 8 for me I think
  2. Demi deserves to win tho her new album is good
  3. Never liked it but it does sound nice, so idk
  4. I hear similarities but there’s no way Let It Go copied this song, never even heard this before
  5. Do you think Camilla will release an album next year? Her music is seriously good plus Havana is everywhere right now
  6. Sooo I’m pretty new with Little Mix, any song recommendations? So far I’ve listened to Power, Salute, Touch, Reggaeton Lento, Black Magic and Secret Love Song
  7. Hey there swiftie! Welcome to COP, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it here!!
  8. Mine is King of My Heart and Getaway Car those two are bops and deserve to have an MV
  9. Taylor’s a great role model and set a great example for me to never let other people conquer you and to always be yourself. And she’s a great lyricist and singer, all her songs are bops honestly
  10. Used to like Halsey, now not anymore since I rediscovered Taylor, she’s a better lyricist. Halsey has a few decent song but Tay is much better, period.