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  1. Also another thing, it's time for both sides to stop pointing fingers at each other and do something.
  2. We can make an agreement of sorts to improve this forum and move on. We've always could after all the drama this forum had the past year and a half, yet you barely took an initiative to do so. All your initiatives to move on black any substance and it's mostly similar; get more people to join and have more promotional slots, which doesn't solve the prevalent and primary problem that causes all the forum drama. Although I admire your dedication to gain more people to join, you lack the ability to moderate this site so that the users actually stay in this forum which is also why most of our popular members eventually leave. In response to any criticism of your administrating ability, you resort to all the numbers of people coming to this site instead of disproving their statement. I just wanted a forum so I can banter about pop, not a community that embroils in drama every month. I've been more active in ATRL more than COP because the forum isn't posting about the same drama every single day, because the moderators seem like they'll actually listen to the suggestions and improve the site. I've made suggestions to that site that tries to learn from the issues we've had on COP and I'll gladly suggest it here, whether or not these ideas are implemented, it's up to you to make that decision. I'll gladly be more active in this site if this site takes actual initiative to improve itself instead of focusing only on gaining new members. Here's a few of my suggestions: 1. A Reformat of the Forum [Community] [Church of Pop] [Church of Asian Pop] [Church of Visual Entertainment] Refer to ATRL for more details. My idea focuses on having community as the first section as it's more inviting to new users to have a sense of what this site is and the whole section focuses on building a community. Asian Pop has its own section because Asian Pop, specifically KPOP and JPOP, have a large fanbase. It's also considered as their own respective genres in pop, and thus can appeal to a bigger and more solid user base. This format properly divides pop culture into separate categories too. 2. Mod Transparency We need a clear direction for this site, and no it does not include gaining new members. We need to know what you plan to do with this site. The users deserve to know how you plan on running this site, making it more appealing to the pre-existing users. You need moderators that actually want to make this community a better place and have experience, not because they want to suck your dick (figuratively). You need to give WPs accurately and because the user actually broke a rule. Not because they gave you a Nicki Minaj stanbadge and all of a sudden "I know why". 3. Anti-clique initiatives This may be a new one, and I don't really blame you on this. Cliques are inevitable in forums that eventually grow bigger, and there's no way to control Discord chats. You need to build a sense of a stronger community and give them a reason not to dissent from the original forum. Overall, you need to improve a lot on this forum so that the pre-existing users have incentive to stay. You need to stop focusing less on gaining new members, and more on keeping the old members. I've criticized your administrator role on this site, and I have reason so far to do so again. If you want to properly move on from forum drama, you have to change.
  3. what did HONEY post :o

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    2. Rainbow 💫

      Rainbow 💫

      Stop trying to paint my friend as a vile person, she has never agreed with those type of statements.


      Her just be patient was talking about WOP coming! 

    3. PopCommentator


      she allowed another one in her chat and said nothing ^ i can get @MSL to post all the screen shots in here if you're going to start claiming she's innocent

    4. Msl


      lmao @Black Beauty ? Dirkje never defended indie from that suicide comment. She cares more about her forum "coming" than disgusting comments about Indie in her room. Act2 even quoted the comment so she saw it TWICE but only replied  "Guys trust me" DZbADej.jpg

  4. Kim in that gif showed more emotion than Mariah in that whole film She improved in Precious though
  5. Why am I not surprised... TASTES!
  6. I thought the chicken was lovely!
  7. I can't hear it but if it's an Amazon exclusive, it must be bad
  8. She lost hype She hyped Sangria Wine so much and it... was bad...
  9. Charli XCX: her voice She's losing her voice by the minute, it's why she needs auto tune
  10. Their record labels are trying to force the pop girlies to be what the GP wants, which sounds good on paper but they come off as bland, boring, and no stage presence. You see Britney Spears, the GP wasn't actively seeking for teen pop when she debuted. She modernized and popularized teen pop and transitioned the public into electropop and R&B. You see Lady Gaga, no one was seeking for electropop or someone so flamboyant at the time. You see Taylor Swift, no one was looking at the teen girls who listen to Country pop demographic no more at the time. Main pop girls spearheaded things, they did things differently than everyone, and it was something no one expected. Record labels are making them boring, they're making music that's forgettable in a couple of years, and they're not groundbreaking either.
  11. Good Girl Gone Bad? That ain't even Rihanna's best album. It's either Rated R, Loud, or Anti Bionic? It wasn't ahead of its time, it was just bad This is why your students are gonna fail the AP exam Add Witness to it to learn how NOT to do an era