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  1. I enjoyed having a kiki with yall and we had a good run This was my first ever forum and I was so happy when I had found a place where I was accepted and could share my thoughts. The members I met and friends I made here were some of the funniest and best people I've come across online. There truly will be no other forum like the only and only beautiful mess that was COP.
  2. Its managed to stay in the top 30 and only fall 13 spots throughout it's whole course... How is this a flop with such minimal promo??? It is a HIT and it's coming for 200m+ streams by the end of the summer. It's garnered massive critical acclaim and the GP is falling in love with her once again.
  3. I expect this to be on the same level of success as Rise We just need for the song to stabilize and have longevity and we might have top 10 hit.
  4. Hopefully top 15 once pop radio starts eating this up FUCK Apple music they always do her so damn dirty Cozy Little Christmas peaked at #53 as an Amazon exclusive so I'm confident it doesn't matter that much.
  5. I put the two snippets together so here's 35 seconds of the song
  6. This one hurt the absolute fucking most: Robyn had the best pop album of last year PERIOD: This isn't even the best off of Sigrid's new album and it smashed somewhere in Europe but the U.S ignored
  7. This isn't funny. This posts angers me as somebody who has had a long and difficult battle with the way that they view themselves. Being obese is certainly not healthy but you should never shame someone's size. Please move this to No Holds Barred.
  8. I'm still here COP just isn't as active anymore skskskkssk 
  9. Me! The only thing a pedophile has ever been useful for (Although I don't think it's fair to assume the person in 2nd place's score. if I can enter I'd rather have the same score as the person in last place)
  10. I might just have to sign up with Billie Eilish again
  11. Don't you dare try to come for Kitty's record for most wins next round
  12. Insert Nicki Minaj verse: "I'm the billy, billy goat, the GOAT, the GOAT's here. Vintage Hermès by Jean Paul Gaultier"