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  1. This is really sad

    I just wished she would wear her short hair slicked back more often it looks great on her. I wish her makeup was more often like this too. Her stylist hates her and keeps on giving her clown makeup
  2. Name one thing you wish your fav didn't share publicly

    She was comparing how everyone misses her black hair to how everyone misses Obama NOT COLOR. She was one of the biggest Obama supporters when he ran for president. She sang for him and even wore dresses like these You're a Katycat sis you should know this.
  3. Offset wasn't being homophobic

    I'm not justifying Offset or Migos past actions but this time I don't see him using the word in that type of way (strange or weird) to be offensive since he didn't mean it as a slur toward the LGBT community. I mean it'd be pretty fucking dumb if you were to be homophobic in your own song (that's cancelling your own career lol). Most people on this site are part of the LGBT community though so I do see how y'all can be a bit sensitive when it comes to stuff like this.
  4. COP Drag Race: Season 2 [Runway Results!]

    This is Kitty's theme song was this intentional shade ("you wanna pet my kitty you're such a dirty doggy" and it's sang by Katy) I really enjoyed Twerkus Freaxxx looks but that levitating was something else Also why are the lip synchs so short? I want more effort and creativeness! I know the judges keep on telling you this but Get It Together!
  5. COP Drag Race: Season 2 [Runway Results!]

    I can't drag any of the girls anymore because I was the first person to get out we- I still so far have the best lip synch of the season
  6. CupcakKe complains over people calling her a flop

    This isn't complaining though she's mad about the haters. Does anyone know how much she actually sold though?
  7. What's the weather like where you are right now?

    It's 1 Degree we-
  8. Katy looks stunning in new Covergirl shoot

    I still don't know why she didn't keep it like this though! She looked elegant and mature and her hair didn't look greasy nor damaged. It also went with the whole trying to go back to being Katheryn Hudson theme. Give it about a year tho and it should go back to this
  9. Best Debut Album Cover and Title?

    The troye Sivan debut album cover is a masterpiece though it represents the album greatly too
  10. Best Debut Album Cover and Title?

    Iconic honestly truly I hate this cover ngl it's a bit cheap and I still don't know what the fuck that white thing next to her face is
  11. ABRA

    @Pixelated Cunt The Darkwave duchess just surprise released B.R.A.T YOU GONNA GIVE IT TO ME I DO IT WHAT I WANNA DO AND YOU CAN'T TELL ME SHIT It's a bit rough/most likely a demo since it was released on SoundCloud but at least it's something
  12. COP Drag Race: Season 2 [UNTUCKED]

    Nnn I wouldn't have understood the theme I would've probably been in the bottom tho YOU did that tho sis! I sent mine in before I was eliminated and it was pretty basic. If I had won it I was gonna change it to something tacky like this
  13. COP Drag Race: Season 2 [UNTUCKED]

    These lip syncs this round are... Disappointing af You're trying to save yourself not eliminate yourself. @kipperskipper should've sent both of these girls home.