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  1. The song is A BOP and does what a Christmas song should do I just wish her promo wasn't so messy
  2. Do you have to have any prior knowledge of Sabrina The Teenage Witch to watch this or is it a completely new series I'm debating between this and The Haunting of Hill House.
  3. Recently going through Horror Netflix movies to watch since it's that time of year again and I need some recommendations I watched The Babysitter yesterday which is a pretty good slasher comedy and I'd recommend if you're looking for a horror movie to watch with a group of friends.
  4. Where we're all the people saying that Nicki was chart obsessed?
  5. The live charts are updated I think daily except they're in one post and edited by @Starboy (which I just found out n yesterday nnn) The official charts with sales are updated every week but since we just started with I'm not sure if they're available yet.
  6. Her next album is gonna be some really deep shit and her best huh
  7. Pepperoni and Sausage Pepperoni and Black Olives Pepperoni and Jalepenos
  8. There is literally no proof over this except a few tweets from DJ Mano in 2013 and Katy isn't dumb enough to say that. Y'all should use this same energy towards rappers today who aren't black and repeatedly use the N word yet still topping the charts. She does come from a very religious Christan white family and she's made it a big point this era that it's not where your roots are from but what you grow into.
  9. She apologized for that song which was released 11 years ago. It was directed to one of her exes and not the community as a whole. The way your worded that is obviously false and the song is controversial because of the gay sterotypes she used and not because she's homophobic That behavior is still unacceptable but she's growing as a person and that's what the whole message of the Witness era was.
  10. Should Gaga have retired after Joanne and Artpop? No, she made a comeback and just because an artist underperforms doesn't mean their career is over I don't know why the user who wrote this thread has something against Katy but you seem pressed Witness had over 2.5B combined streams and she'll stay relevant.
  11. Lmao have you ever actually even listened to Queen Radio? She was literally just talking about how people always think she's pressed/seething when she don't give a fuck
  12. It takes a certain type of taste to truly appreciate Kim Petra's bops but Close Your Eyes goes off
  13. Honestly I've realized you don't really need a talent to make good music nnn just make something that slaps and it's fine