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  1. There was a Grimes collab? I thought about stanning but she's too unpredictable
  2. I had such an amazing time judging and it was a delight to get to know the contestants and judges better! I always tried to give something constructive and to encourage y'all and I'm sorry I faded in the background a bit. I also didn't mean too sound defensive in untucked and didn't go in there again after the feedback. As the winner of last season i know how hard all of you worked and everyone in the top 4 deserves the crown. Thank you for a great (but messy) season.
  3. DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON YOU VOTING FOR MISS CAMERADERIE I'm so mad right now @barbiej33p can I please convert to a slasher I'm tired of these damn campers
  4. Sis don't you realize... OH MY GAGA IS A SLASHER they're the person who aren't what they said they were and weren't actually a confirmed camper but just had an alliance with Venti we got fucking played. I told y'all campers we needed to vote TOGETHER if we wanted to win
  5. When wxvii predicted something thing... about the psychic...
  6. Venti fucked me over huh? I literally asked her last round if Oh My Gaga was a "CONFIRMED CAMPER" and they said yes. I did this just to make sure because I knew something was off. Now right now Salvatore included ME, ACT 2, MS KNEE in a pm asking us "which one of y'all wanna make it to the finale?" since we're campers. THEY CAN TESTIFY TO THIS. But keep in mind who they didn't add to the pm... OH MY GAGA.
  7. I TOLD ALL Y'ALL TO KILL THE LEADER OF THE SLASHERS SALVATORE AND NONE OF Y'ALL LISTENED. @Oh My Gaga I know ya ass is a slasher Coming all up in my dms last minute telling me to "VOTE HAMMER!!!"
  8. IT DON'T ADD UP. Is there a role we don't know of because I feel robbed. This is RIGGED and I ain't here playing games because my camper bout to call a cab and get ha ass out this camp
  9. WAIT WHAT THE FUCK HOW IS THUS EVEN POSSIBLE I- if there's 3 campers left and there's 3 confirmed ones then am I a slasher? Bitch I'm checking my role again I- how? I'm speechless I feel gaslit right now @barbiej33p explain
  10. The advantage I have in this game over the other confirmed campers is that I know what my role is of being innocent, and I've rechecked it several times to make sure. Meaning I'm the only camper who actually knows who the slashers are and whether the campers believe that is up to them not me. I just want the Slashers to know that you can't fool me, and you and me both know what and who you are.
  11. Oh wow this had me shaken a little bit She's coming for video of the year
  12. Anyone else find it funny when two Slashers fight each other after they've been pitting campers against eachother this whole season
  13. I'm going for the person who sent me a really long and fake pm trying to start an alliance with me @Salvatore. They are the leader of the Slashers and I know that the only reason they haven't been voted out yet is because they've been having alliances with everyone. It's 4v4 we ALL have to vote for the same person if we want to elimenate a slasher