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  1. This thread answers your own question She stays relevant and getting fans because people are still checking for her and talking about her every move regardless if it's positive or not.
  2. 1. Teenage Dream - 242. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) - 34. Firework - 36. Circle The Drain - 268. E.T. ft Kanye West - 2513. Part Of Me - 5214. Wide Awake - 13
  3. It's definitely a strong contender for my album of the year too. This better win best pop vocal album at the Grammys or we're rioting Also what's y'alls favorite track on here because when I was choosing which songs to put in my playlist I just ended up adding the whole damn album
  4. This was expected since it is a Spanish song I really have no idea if this will have longevity but its lyric video also got 4m views in one day!
  6. Sorry but I'm just gonna go ahead and remove !!!!!!! Because that is not a track and y'all just wasting your time deducting it's points nnnn 2.bad guy - 11 3.xanny - 11 4.you should see me in a crown - 10 5.all the good girls go to hell - 11 6.wish you were gay - 10 7.when the party's over - 14 8.8 - 9 9.my strange addiction - 11 10.bury a friend - 10 11.ilomilo - 10 12.listen before i go - 10 13.i love you - 10 14.goodbye - 7
  7. Especially when you dedicate most of your day to trying to drag a successful woman down who doesn't even know you exist. That's an unhealthy habit too boo boo the fool. Check yourself !
  8. Being a stan on a pop forum is an unhealthy habit by itself
  9. I'm not sure if Katy really cares about chart success that much anymore she's a grown ass woman. She isn't desperate for a hit she's just releasing new music for the fans and Daddy Yankee was clearly happy that he got Katy on the track
  10. I GOT THAT POOM POOM BOY I just know the Brazilian katycats are living for this one!
  11. I just started listening to Puberty 2 and I love the vibe so far it's so much more different than BTC. I do agree with you that her writing is so relateable like even the strangest things I relate to! This story is low-key embarrassing and weird but it's COP so who cares I remember in my cardio class this person who I had a huge a infatuation with was on the machine infront of me. They took the their shirt off so whenever we rotated machines they we're always in front of me and all I could see was their back for a whole hour while I daydreamed about them. My wireless earbuds were in so I was listening to BTC then Pink In The Night plays and the lyric "I could stare at your back all day" comes on and I got fucking chills nnnn Moral of The Story: Mitski narrates my life.
  12. I've never gotten around to listening to Puberty 2 in full to be honest. I've listened to songs here and there(Happy is genius) but I'm scared it won't compare to the greatness that is Be The CowboyGeyser really is that bitch though! It was so genius putting it as the first track because it had me shaking when I first listened to the album. I think my favorite song off of Be The Cowboy is probably A Pearl and Two Slow Dancers is extremely underrated, but then again every song is special in it's own way to me
  13. Andromeda is cute(the whole album is a 10/10) but Movies is definitely my song of the year and the video is so beautiful Perched to hear your thoughts on Crushing! The slower tracks will grow on you and Confort will never fail make me cry Also see that you stan for Mitski! Be The Cowboy was hands down my favorite album from last year, it got me through so much shit
  14. This is another must listen indie pop album: I'll skip Good Guy everytime time but there's so many highs on here if the first track 'Body' doesn't captivate you. Head Alone, Pressure To Party, Your Were Right, Turn Me Down are the more upbeat songs on here and they're masterpieces.