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  1. I Love It by Kanye and lil pump is actually a bop oop :wendycant:

  2. I really thought COP was gonna get deleted :( Wtf just happened I just want to talk about pop culture.

    1. ReturnOfTheIndie


      we're here and queer and not going anywhere sis (ignore the haters)

    2. jackgrande
  3. So we're just gonna ignore how she sorta started going off at the end of the outro She is Iggy reincarnated except younger and I'm HERE FOR IT.
  4. Ok I was abt to finish and then I lost all my progress im-
  5. This challenge is actually fun and I might vote heartsigh but idk I need reasons.
  6. I gave up after getting 99% of them wrong but I'm still here for who ever is the future winner!
  7. This was an amazing first episode y'all just expected all of it to be a really big crossover when it's still its own special season It's already better than Cult, Roanoke, Hotel, and maybe Freakshow Like all AHS seasons you just have to give it time and it'll eventually be good. Also this season is really short so I don't think it'll be drawn out
  8. It was a cute little visual I really wanted her to go all out with it and be dissing these rappers even more tho
  9. Y'all really already started making alliances I'm just gonna try to float my way through the game