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  1. is church of pop 2.0 still happening or???

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    2. Grim Reap

      Grim Reap

      all this on the OFFICIAL COP twitter account. the level of unprofessionalism...

    3. raindrops


      @Joy Rider wtf.....he really is messed up..

    4. King or Queen

      King or Queen

      Miss Shawnee have you nothing to do over on WoP lol. @New Beginnings  The obsession and dedication..

  2. what happened to COP 2.0 lmaoo

    1. Starboy


      this site is DEAD lmao

  3. Both are doing terrible so are female rappers over?
  4. i would like to hear sing this now...also she looks so fucking awkward just standing there
  5. Selena has a boring personality and doesn't seem to care for her singing career.
  6. i have listened to the reputation album...1989 was just a amazing pop album to me...
  7. ME! was a terrible song and sounds like its a song from kidz bopz. YNTCD is okay but it's nothing new. She hasn't released anything good since the 1989 era.