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  1. We love one of Ariana's best visuals
  2. I HOPE SO! We still haven't seen any pictures of Ariana today! We love the queen of hiding
  3. same Ariana is gonna make me more emotional. Im not ready
  4. 94 total mass shootings in this country since 2008. imagine thinking we don’t need gun control
  5. Two beautiful souls who care about others
  6. Here you can talk about the march for our lives event today Performances By: Live Stream:
  7. i cant believe yall let gucci gang peak at #3 on the billboard 100 while into you only peaked at #13

    1. 💖 LANDlover

      💖 LANDlover

      I’m extremely sorry on behalf of my country. We have sinned badly.

    2. dreamer


       no need to say sorry on behalf of your country :hoeanne: So sorry for the behalf of our country:judgega:


      I live in the USA to (sadly) :hoeanne:



  8. Just searched her up I guess she is a famous 1980's model
  9. tell me where your love lies :arishook: