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  1. When I hop out his new 6 Fresh in some new shit Damn she is too thick! Who is this? YEAH I'M HIS NEW BITCH And I'm spending his new cash Few trips, new bags Damn she is too bad. Oh you mad? THAT I'M HIS NEW BITCH Muva did that.
  2. Damn, she is too thick. Who is this? I'm his new bitch
  3. Sweetie, your own fave who's had 18 #1s couldn't push that nowadays. Let's not act like the sales climate isn't utterly scarce at this point.
  4. Yes omg. That live event, though! They really were giving it there all. Such an epic rivalry, and of course they are best friends in real life which made them perfect enemies in the WWE-verse.
  5. Meh. She played it pretty safe for the most part. Lita & Edge's dynamics were always entertaining, tbh. Lita so elevated him. Caring legend, sacrificing her own career for love. The Mickey James and Trish storyline was epic, though. An excellent Diva storyline and a great introduction to Mickey.
  6. Not her fault her career and character kept getting derailed. She truly had an unfortunate career. Nevertheless, a WWE Legend and one of the best and most defining Diva of all time.
  7. I have an innie but I think outie's are so cute IMO.
  8. It's not as if RuPaul is any different. But I was just joking. I don't think anyone could fill Ru's spot, regardless of how distant and rude he is towards the Queens.
  9. She's like the Wendy Williams of Drag, straight with no chaser. There were Queens on the show who were ACTUAL bullies such as Phi Phi O'Herpes. Bianca is a Drag Queen legend.
  10. He's trash! Sharron or Bianca should take over the show, tbh. I can see it now: Bianca Del Rio's Drag Race, or maybe simply Bianca's Drag Race.