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  1. None. I don't believe in putting members on ignore.
  2. The performance sucked. I mean look what Cardi B did with Bartier Cardi, with the censoring and her accent and all. Meanwhile Nicki's out here doing the absolute bare minimum.
  3. I don't think it would help her. Majority of her fans are white and or gay. She should stick to pop.
  4. You need to explain to them that your attraction to boys is nothing that can be shaken off. This is who you are and they'll have to learn to accept that. I feel sorry for you and I hope your parents learn to be less ignorant.
  5. Lana and Born To Die. Halsey and Badlands but now I hate her again.
  6. Cardi has hits Ariana has hits Camila has hits Dua Lipa has hits
  7. No, she was pretty weak in every area. And her handling was a mess first they promoted her as a Mariah Carey type and then they transitioned her into a bubblegum pop Britney clone.
  8. She's a Cancer so yes she is. This reaction seems right in the ballpark of a jealous, possessive, narcissistic Cancer.
  9. The Ariana stans on here are so obsessed with Selena like can you guys get lives or stream No Hits Left To Make before it falls out of the Top 10 ctfu
  10. Mentalities like this are the reason why Gaga HATES her fans nowadays The main pop girl on acid act is long gone and it's time you guys accept it and recognize that is not her only formula for success. You guys sound so spoiled, complaining about the state of her career when she's literally snagging lead roles, snagging prestigious awards, having acclaimed tribute performances, selling 1M WW in this terrible sales climate without a large hit. She has successfully repaired her brand and her image since ARTPOP and you all want her to revert back to making dance music as if that will help her get a hit when Rap/Hip-Hop is dominating in the U.S. right now and a Gaga single featuring any rent-a-trapper would be terrible. I'd like to see any female who had a similar career trajectory to Gaga's try and do what she is doing. A Star Is Born is coming, so is the soundtrack, and so is the endless praise and nominations it will garner.
  11. Yes and honestly as a gay male who stans mainly female pop icons, I feel like it's my duty to be a feminist. Especially when there are so many troll "stans" in the community who are actually anti-feminist, sexist, misogynists etc
  12. Yikes this is why SJW and political correctness is so tit for tat.
  13. Tbh Britney's face looks like shit now. Beyonce's much prettier than ha!
  14. I really have never stanned that many artists at a time. But around the time Katy blew up with IKAG, I was obsessed with her. Then I became a Gaga stan and stopped caring about Katy completely. And by the time I started stanning Lana, Gaga's career was taking an abysmal turn. I love all three of them though and I'll always care about their music and what they're doing with their careers.