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  1. Yes that's why I don't feel the need to be so emotionally invested with strangers over pop forums and or Discord :)
  2. Girl it's not that serious, it's a pop forum. Don't you like actually have friends in real life?
  3. Aren't you the same grown man who told a 14 year old to suck your dick? plus haven't you spent 5 years trying to make your crappy lil pop forums a thing? We remember you promoting on PoP girl Plus you literally have moderates with Aspergers and obesity like LauraCroft and TreacherousLovatic. You're serving serious predator teas.
  4. It's the truth though. Please do some research. Queen Herpih is evil
  5. Imagine stanning a man who can barely get on a stage without popping antidepressants lmfaooooo I can't fucking relate sis. On top of that his music is fucking garbage. Please acquire taste and get back to us here at CoP if the site is even still up by then.
  6. The Xanax damaged your brain. Like fave like stan
  7. That was an isolated incident babe. Why does Rih still socialize with ppl like Naomi and Paris who have been been to Lolita Island several times? Lmfao please be scared because that Rihanna reign is finally about to let up when the public realizes she's just a wetback from Barbados who fucked Jay Z and let's children and young women get abused around her. gaga publicly acknowledged it because she has nothing to hide and hasn't socialized with R Smelly since 2013. Back to your slumber Herpih stan
  8. Stopped reading at 2B streams isn't impressive when The Lion King, none of Rihanna's songs for soundtracks or Bohemian rapsody (big film released this year with soundtrack) were able to even surpass 1B streams let alone 2B. Keep weeping. Your fave is making ugly ass clothes and has connections to pedophiles and sex traffickers. QUEEN HERPIH
  9. King of Xanax is so pressed. I love how he's just spent like a week on this forum talking to himself. Truly a loser *spits*
  10. You sound delusional babe. The fact that she peaked with an EP yet it took your fave a decade to make a decent body of work (Anti). ARTPOP was dumbed down by her label. They directed her to work with R. Kelly too. The rest is history. Now, ASIB has exceeded 400+M in film gross and the soundtrack has surpassed 2B streams. How is that burning out? Your fave is out here with connections to Naomi Campbell and Paris Hilton, both who have connections to billionaire pedo Jeffrey Epstein. You have bigger things to worry about in the upcoming future for Queen Herpih
  11. This site is so dead, and all of this contrived drama over internet pop forums is so pathetic. This is the saddest part of the Internet.
  12. You've already embarrassed yourself enough, do you really want to keep going?
  13. Ffff more mental gymnastics Pray your fave even makes it to 30 love