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  1. No. There's problems in every group and community of people: whites, blacks, gays, straights. Ultimately, I think the LGBTQ+ community is a safe one, gay men just have a had time adjusting their egos, especially around other gay men.
  2. Poker Face > Just Dance > Shallow > Born This Way
  3. "Anti" is the only correct answer.
  4. Because millienials and Gen Z love her. That’s really it. Of course there’s SJW calling her out for her skin color and behavior online though.
  5. That’s not true. There’s tons of gays who stan Troye Sivan, and the Charli XBOX / PC community is filled with trans and queer artists and their LGBTQ+ fans.
  6. She just matched Mariah for having 2 #1 debuts on The Hot 100. She will not be affected at all by the Grammy boosts.
  7. OT: None of the 5H girl’s (Camila included) will have successful careers. Yes, even the black/Latina editions. Let’s not be racist here, guys.