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  1. Lindsay Lohan really didn’t need to snap as hard as she did on both her albums :cry2:a little more personal has me in my feelings tonight 

    1. Elusive Madame X

      Elusive Madame X

      I wish we would've gotten her third album! She keeps promoting her sister's music but it's not like her career is going anywhere anyways. :kimcry:

    2. Jimmyxcx


      @Elusive Loverboy I know :cry2:I was watching her show the other day and they had an after show thing and someone asked her about music and she said she loves it so much but she’s letting her sister take control of the music world(clearly she’s taking it by storm :evillaugh:). She should just drop it and give us what we want 

    3. Elusive Madame X

      Elusive Madame X

      TEA Nobody cares about Ali ffs. We want Lindsay