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  1. SHES COMINGsis already got my coins because I bought a cd and a vinyl
  2. Fake smile, ghostin, bloodline
  3. Kacey won all four of her awards and deserved every single one! I am so happy for her and how much recognition she has gotten in the golden hour era
  4. First - 15 Over - 15 Speak - 16 Rumours - 17 Nobody Til' You - 15 Symptoms Of You - 15 Anything But Me - 15 Disconnected - 16 Something I Never Had - 13 To Know Your Name - 15 Very Last Moment in Time - 11 Magnet - 17
  5. I truly think she will at the rate of the night
  6. Kacey takes home yet another Grammy for the night! She’s won two of her four nominations so far!
  8. She’s an amazing songwriter and singer omg. I’ve been a fan from the start but I’d say if you want to get into her start with golden hour because her first two albums are super country lol.
  9. taking home her first award of the night omg
  10. All of Tove Lo’s discography not a bad song at all. Everyone just likes to sleep on her and she works so hard and it shows
  11. Tori Kelly has won her first two Grammys! She won for Best Gospel Album and Best Gospel Performance/Song!!
  12. Greatest showman won (never mind they won best score soundtrack lmao my bad)