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  1. I dont care honestly. Mariah looks beautiful in person. She looks amazing for someone thats nearing her 50s
  2. Mariah looks amazing in that green dress. Beautiful woman. Always has been.
  3. I agree. Her and her fellow rich white malibu friends are also responsible for this. More of them needs to be exposed since many (not all) rich white students scammed their way through these prestigious colleges taking space for students that actually deserved to be enrolled.
  4. Not sure why people are shocked about Lori Loughlin for being a fraud when she's always had that sinister, evil, insidious, freaky look
  5. A No No Remix >>> Any cheesy adolescent pop song that Katy has been releasing for almost a decade now.
  6. ariana has always been faux vegan. Only vegan for social media.
  7. I love love love MJ's music but unfortunately he is guilty. It hurts me to say that but he is. However I BETTER see a Harvey Weinstein and Dan Schneider documentary soon interviewing their victims.
  8. None of us believe that. We believe you are deliberately offensive. You're not fooling anybody except your little posse.
  9. You are not mixed. You are confused. Rachel Dolezal is not black. Iggy Azalea is not asian.
  10. I'm not twisting anything into a battle. I only used the word "white" because I know it triggers you whenever I use it.
  11. I don't have much ideas but I will say simplicity is always the best option. Nothing too extravagant or basic. A fine medium.