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  1. Sad considering shes only been in the industry for 10 years. Only released 4 albums and the last one being a colossal nightmare.
  2. When did her skin started getting so bad though? In the first and last pic her skin looks like its very scaly and dry. She also has crows feet, stubborn laugh lines and forehead wrinkles and other hidden lines. She never looks the same when she pops on a black wig and I think its because she looks old now. Katy can wear a long black wig but she would still look old. She is too rich to have a hangy prune face.
  3. except katys eyes are bigger. They both look alike to me. Once were consideredbattractive but eventually started aging like bananas and now look like raisins.
  4. She gains weight easily. Its probably in her genes. Her sister for example has a similar body to her but a bit more thicker.
  5. Still prettier, more beautiful and YOUTHFUL than Katy which is ironic since beyonce is older than katy but katy looks 55. Her skin is awful.
  6. Racism against white people doesnt exist. Anyway she comes from a christian redneck family from santa barbara california. She IS redneck. Thats the culture she is from. You can be liberal and still be a hillbilly. Katy is more of a white feminist liberal anyway.
  7. Beyonce is a legend and the best female performer of our time. Beyonces sales are irrelevant since she is still loved by the general public and is one of the most talented and respected artists of our time. Katys career was never meant to last. She is nothing more than a redneck white woman who for lucky (white privilege) cuz she STILL cant sing for shit. That woman has no SOUL in her voice at all. No flavor. Very bland and dry like unseasoned turkey
  8. What oppression is she fighting for aside from white women?
  9. She makes a lot of money due to excessive VIP White Privilege but overall what does she have going with her music career? Witness was the era that ended her music career. I dont think any of us were expecting a clown like katy perry to last more than 5 albums but its crazy how she went from having number ones left and right and now shes completely irrelevant in the music industry. What does she have going for herself? She keeps releasing the same kindergarten ABC Teeny bopper music when her fans have all grown up by now. She doesnt have enough talent to fall back on. Shes pretty ugly now days and aging like milk. I know shes going to return to American Idol (The Remake) Season 2 but for how long? American Idol hasnt been relevant since like 2010 and even thats pushing it. Her shoe company seems to be doing well though. Cute I guess but damn she fell off hard
  10. Bump. Kesha is a white feminist and looks like ed sheeran with a long wig
  11. Mariah carey, toni braxton, mary j blige, Björk, Rihanna and recently lady gaga since asib is full of solid songs better than boreanne and Artstudent
  12. She has unique features and I always thought she was uniquely beautiful. Its better to be uniquely beautiful than bland and boring like miley cyrus, kesha or katy perry.
  13. Aside from being a professional Grade A White Feminist, what other talent does she possess? Her songwriting is bleh. Flavorless. Her singing is GARBAGE. Like damn that bitch cannot sing. She doesn’t play any instruments well. What talent does she have and why are her team trying to convince us shes this “respected Carole King esque amazing singer songwriter” and inviting her irrelevant ass to these presteguous events where she sticks out like a sore thumb?