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  1. I cant stand this bitch. The way she forgave Piers Morgan and had lunch with him when piers is a known racist, transphobic, homophobic, sexist, perverted human being. She needs to be canceled already.
  2. I dont mind white people doing the queens choreography but this girl has no rhythm This girl was doing zumba moves
  3. When the song came out many trailer park kats were talking about how the song can smash and so far its been doing pretty bad numbers. The streaming numbers arent impressive either which is odd because a lot of trailer park kats told me Katy is a streaming force and that she can smash again in the future. Guess white mediocrity lost.
  4. This is a successful era for ariana but this is not the most successful female pop era at all. Not even top 5. She is nowhere near the most dominant female history on billboard or in music in general. Ariana fans are so delusional its laughable.
  5. I speak for the general public in that Please Me is the superior song than that basic zedd and katy song. Please Me will shit all over 365 on the charts.
  6. Nahh this is such a white opinion. Beyonce blows her out of the water and most earthlings will agree with me on that.
  7. Anyway I'm glad Jlo is canceled by the black community. The only community I care about. Only tap dancing self hating idiots are fans of hers including Smokey Robinson who has always had deep self hating issues.
  8. What is this white nonsense you are spewing? There are hundreds and thousands of other white artists that have been successful and have had careers that have been handled well due to their white privilege. Many black artists are still struggling and are not taken seriously.
  9. As a Britney stan you're in no position to call anybody ugly
  10. Beyonce is a massive artist. She's a legend. She's successful. Both Beyonce and Rihanna are winning and some of the biggest names in Music ever.
  11. WTF are you talking about? Rihanna came in 2005 not 2004. Her hair during her debut wasnt blonde it was her natural dark brown hair and sometimes lighter golden brown Rihanna wasnt blonde until she wore a blonde wig in the disturbia video and until she dyed her actual hair blonde in the talk that talk era and fashion choices were influenced by the urban trend of the 2000s. Everyone had that style. Alicia Keys, Britney, Beyonce, Rihanna, etc No need to pit these two beautiful talented black women against each other. They both are dominating and shitting on our faves anyway.
  12. What is there to praise about Nicki? She's a talented songwriter and an okay rapper but personality wise she's always been garbage.
  13. Latina isnt a race. There are white puerto ricans and black puerto ricans. Black puerto ricans White Puerto Ricans They are all hispanic but are not part of the same race. Jlo is more closely related to caucasians than blacks and native americans. Her father is fully european and her mom is triracial (white, black and taino) however Jlo and her sisters came out looking white..because..well thats the majority makeup of their dna.
  14. You dont speak for all white people. Italians see her as their own. If you see her as "Latina" only then you need to go back to college because Latina isnt a race. There are white latinas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nRJy91YXSI Jlo isnt black, native american, asian or middle eastern.