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  1. Ru Paul has been on some self hate sh*t for a while now so I'm still not streaming that garbage.
  2. Why are Katy, Miley and Taylor so obsessed with black people? Leave us the fuck alone with yall flat asses. For fuck sake, I hate nicki minaj too but why does Miley always talk shit about black people and then play the victim after? Fuck her bony ass.
  3. No lies. Taylor and Katy got the soccer mom flat booty special.
  4. It is a duet, no one is denying that but it still Mariah's #1 since its from her album. Lambs do not pretend that Boyz to men had nothing to do with the song. You're creating that narrative to use as an argument even though you failed miserably.
  5. You're negating her success by saying its a duet that is an equal project which it is but its also on her album per her AND Marc's request. Mariah never pushes them aside.
  6. Marc Nelson and bassist Michael McCary have credited Mariah and gave her multiple props hence why the song is on HER album. You're trying very hard to negate not only Mariah's success but her integrity as a singer-songwriter when your faves are trash and will never amount to her level.
  7. I dont try to be funny I just speak whats on my mind and if you dont like it then thats your problem not mine.
  8. You mean the same level of panicking that you think about every night knowing Mariah is forever a legend and nothing you do or say will change that? You mean the same level of panic you experience when people make fun of katy perry? Or are you talking about the severe level of panic you experience whenever black artists succeed well and dominate the industry while stomping on your untalented unseasoned faves.
  9. She certainly looks like she doesn't bathe. Especially without makeup in which she looks like sour milk. Her white fans are fangirling over her long blonde hair looks with heavy makeup but we all know how she really look Truly the catfish of pop. Meanwhile we do not crack
  10. Change the title to "Katy Perry picks a wedgie out of her back with a crack", that woman aint got no type of ass at all.
  11. My fave is over 20 years into her career and STILL doing world tours while some people are already becoming vegas acts 10 years into their career and some have fallen so off the deep end that they are now a judge American Idol broadcasting the whole world her deteriorating career
  12. Gaga sells her albums for 99 cents and she hasn't had a relevant solo album since 2011. Gaga has a beautiful voice for a white woman but Beyonce is still superior with singing and dancing. Katy Perry has no type of talent. That girl sounds horrible live. A literal nightmare. Katy also cheated her way to getting hit singles by selling her singles with 69 cent remixes. Katy Perry had to do a tour bundle for Witness because the album bombed and the tour wasnt doing good. She is the embodiment of white privilege and white mediocrity. Demi sounds like she is sharting on her white cotton panties when she attempts to high notes.
  13. Dont back pedal Ive seen you also throw shady comments towards Beyonce oh and if youre not a katy perry fan you wouldnt feel the need to be offended by my comments and defend her constantly. You are a fan.