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  1. I feel like me stanning Mariah in a dark time of my life was the best choice and decision. I adore this women now and i feel like she has been with me all a long

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    2. Blue Sunshine

      Blue Sunshine

      kAg7l8s.gif she truly is an angel among us. I understand exactly how you feel as she did the same thing for me when I was struggling through the first of many of my dark days. If it weren't for her I wouldn't be here today. It makes me so happy to see that she's been able to help you in the same way <3


    3. hammer


      @Dirkje Everything really happens for a reason


      @Blue Sunshine I know. Truly an icon, i cannot believe i missed out on her. Her music brings me a lot of joy and the lyrics it just hits me hard. I haven't stanned someone this hard ever since Fifth Harmony :kimcry:

    4. Dirkje


      Even though I dont really care about Mariah, I of course do know the feeling of being obessed with your fave.

      I'm obsessed with Dua atm! Her album is one of my favorites I heard in a very long time! :duawerk3: