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  1. Y'all know what im about to say


    Maturity is key :fentybeauty:


    1. SarasWorstNightmare


      Hilarious that you think this is one sided, your girl is SEETHING MAD tongith and throwing all kinds of claims out. Poor thing. He's going to be exposed on here so bad soon. #adupehasbeenfound #itswayjuicierthanthatdoe 

    2. hammer


      Who are you referring to, are you incriminating someone?

      I always say Maturity is key randomly but if the shoe fits :oprah:

    3. SarasWorstNightmare


      LOL ok girl.... now go post "maturity is key" over on the forum that you're a global mod on. Ya know, the one that gets 10 posts a day. kiii