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  1. hammer

    My art work

    Oh my goodness! This is beautiful.
  2. Congratulations on your position, now help us make Mariah's stanbase more fun and colorful dahhhling 

    Elusive Lambily 

    1. Elusive Lambily

      Elusive Lambily

      Thank you dahhhling!!! I will make the Lambily proud~

  3. Listen up fart face. This game has NOTHING to do with our friendship outside. I dragged @Salvatore and he's still sending me nudes to this hour. So don't go bringing up "Closest friend" whatsoever. I WARNED YOU several times this was coming and you were the first one in my list. Anyways, let me talk about you saying photoshop can make or break a look. BITCH. YOU. IGNORE. IT. BECAUSE. THERE. IS. NO. PHOTOSHOP. IN. REAL. LIFE. Learned that? Great. I am here to spice up the game, it's drama. You're saying that im acting like a brat over a forums game but you getting your feelings and emotions hurt over the damn game too . Sweetie look at me. I went to sleep, i woke up feeling good and all while you keep crying over here about me being rude and whatsoever. And yes, i have EVERY. Every. EVERRRRRY right to blame you for my elimination. Kipper liked my lipsync better first but then you switched his mind just to save G.C last minute. Bitch i know your dirty games, i judged with you before and i know when you want to save or 'give someone another chance'. So don't try to make it seem as im attacking you and making me out as a villain because i am NOT. Those are my feelings bitch whether you like it or not. Sorry i don't bite my tongue like other contestants. Suck it up buttercup.
  4. In the end of the fucking day, we are all gay bottoms who look for big dick papis on dating apps. Goodnight
  5. Was gonna remain silent but yoy wanted to be cute and talk about the subject. How’s bitching about me in the judges chat xoxo, tell them i send my hello’s
  6. Nnn, sis really got pressed because she downvoted. Just remember this is a game hoe
  7. yes i was robbed because those looks that made me doubt myself worthed so much more to me.
  8. Anything i said today is just a call for justice. I know you don't see it because you are one of the judges but if you just put yourself in player's like me and @barbiej33p who always doubted ourselves before runways it really does sting.
  9. Bitch was always a vixen, ever since that meet the queens video came out. But it's just a "mutual feeling" right?
  10. Anyfags, now let me thank @kipperskipper because that's the most cliche thing to do after every game right? Im just joking, thank you bottom for hosting this game. It's really fun and really good to blow some steam off and ALSO clear your mind and have pure fun. I might've did horrible this snatch game, but i promise if i get another chance in Season 4 ill do better and hopefully be a finalist