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  1. Im mad at you because you know i streamed Chun-Li in that same way. Why did you not tell me, no wonder why Nicki Minaj was starving not being able to afford buffet breakfast And sis, spotify did say previously that 30 seconds = a stream no matter what song it is
  2. She fooled her fans making them think No Tears Left To Cry is a ballad in the first few seconds but then switched to a immediate bop. So, spill the tea. Is she a Liar? I think she is a professional Liar
  3. There is always that one person that ruins the joke
  4. Don't expose @jackgrande like that, he is in disguise!
  5. iTunes update 19 #1 so far No Tears Left to Cry iTunes: #1 United States #1 Argentina #1 Brazil #1 Bulgaria #1 Chile #1 Costa Rica #1 Denmark #1 Ecuador #1 Finland #1 Guatemala #1 Lithuania #1 Malaysia #1 Mexico #1 New Zealand #1 Peru #1 Philippines #1 Romania #1 Slovakia #1 Sweden
  6. I just made this and played with the coloring and phew yes, trip me out queen.
  7. Y'all always come with excuses to discredit people's success. I think that her #1 is annoying you, and im glad it is .
  8. See what running your mouth does, only makes the artist more relevant
  9. You can redownload it. If you purchase it, it stays there. What kind of stupidity ++ Dont save the song on spotify. Dont have it downloaded to your library, it has to be legit streams. As if you’re just exploring this new flop song. Get what i mean?
  10. Your purchase will count. But in order for your stream to count, you’ll have to remove/ delete the song from your library.