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  1. Official Charts + digital charts are out. Reminderer Song #1 by Serebro + Pillowtalk by Rihanna did not chart because it was released yesterday (clumsy me forgot about the chart being out yesterday ) Congrats to Denis Stoff and Lady Gaga and every who is in the top 5 of digital itunes
  2. 5/10/2019 ==== ==== 1) Lady Gaga - No Way - 85,900 sales *Second Week at #1* 2) Denis Stoff ft Nick Jonas - WARCHILD - 80,800 sales *NEW PEAK* 3) Serebro - Mama Lover - 78,200 sales *DEBUT* 4) ZAYN ft. ASAP Rocky - Young Ones - 77,100 sales *DEBUT* 5) Camila Cabello - Into It - 76,200 sales *DEBUT* 6) Denis Stoff - I'm Sorry - 67,000 sales *DEBUT* 7) Ariana Grande - In Your Hands - 64,999 sales 8) Lady Gaga - Earthquake - 55,000 sales *DEBUT* 9) Rihanna - Cuz I Love You - 51,200 sales 10) Little Mix - Thumbs - 34.000 sales
  3. 5/10/2019 ==== ==== 1) Denis Stoff ft Nick Jonas - WARCHILD - 80,333 sales *First Week at #1** 2) Lady Gaga - No Way - 78,223 sales 3) ZAYN ft. ASAP Rocky - Young Ones - 76,443 sales *DEBUT* 4) Serebro - Mama Lover - 75,100 sales *DEBUT* 5) Camila Cabello - Into It - 70,333 sales *DEBUT* 6) Ariana Grande - In Your Hands - 65,444 sales 7) Rihanna - Cuz I Love You - 54,912 sales 8) Denis Stoff - I'm Sorry - 26,000 sales *DEBUT* 9) Lady Gaga - Earthquake - 24,238 sales *DEBUT* 10) Little Mix - Thumbs - 20,022 sales
  4. 5/10/2019 ==== ==== 1) Lady Gaga - No Way - 242,834 sales *Second Week at #1** 2) Denis Stoff ft Nick Jonas - WARCHILD - 234,444 sales *NEW PEAK* 3) Camila Cabello - Into It - 215,555 sales *DEBUT* 4) Ariana Grande - In Your Hands - 199,332 sales 5) Rihanna - Cuz I Love You - 175,215 sales 6) ZAYN ft. ASAP Rocky - Young Ones - 160,333 sales *DEBUT* 7) Serebro - Mama Lover - 153,915 sales *DEBUT* 8) Lady Gaga - Earthquake - 124,444 sales *DEBUT* 9) Little Mix - Thumbs - 100,000 sales 10) Denis Stoff - I'm Sorry - 95,000 sales *DEBUT*
  5. Spotify Global Charts - 5/11/2019 Changed to every Saturday only
  6. iTunes Digital Charts- 5/09 + 511/2019
  7. Camila Cabello on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon United States l May 7 Camila visited The Tonight Show on Tuesday May 7 and went on to speak about her debut single 'Into It'. She was asked about how it all went down and she said 'Well the song was almost already written out in my head, you know. Sometimes our thoughts are our songs and it can translate well as you are listening to the beat, and that is exactly what happened'. Then she was asked about a music video and she instantly said 'Definitely, its coming! Its really meaningful i hope because i had a lot of hands in the process.' Jimmy asked her who is the director of the music video and she said 'Hmm, do i want to ruin the surprise?.... Dave Meyers' and the audience cheered her. She then continued to talk about her upcoming projects. After she finished talking and her interview segment finished. Jimmy announced her first televised performance of Into It after the break. When the break was over, the set was laid out for Into It. It was just a mic stand and bunch of stairs behind it and one of them was a bed. For the verses she was just standing in the middle while the backup dancers were doing their routine in the background. For the pre-choruses she sits on the bed and gets feisty and a bit touchy with one of her dancers. For the chorus she does minimal dancing with the lights dimming down. For the bridge she does floor choreography with purple lights while she tears away her pajamas and reveal into a performance outfit that is really revealing and sexy. Here she does the intense part of the choreography and does only runs for the last chorus. The performance ends with a huge flash and everyone applauded her performance.
  8. Happy birthday legend, you are a legend honestly
  9. The list will literally go on but the top 3 has tobe @Blue Sunshine, @Nicki Minaj(Because sisma actually LISTENED) and @badgallaura
  10. Im gonna combine this week Thursday's chart with Saturday's Digital Chart. Just giving a lot of people chance to catch up!
  11. بحبك اوي <3

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  13. I never heard of PnB Rock before but i feel like this album is gonna bang, i am just on the first track and im loving this whole vibe
  14. Jared Leto, Billy Porter, Deepika Padukone, Ezra Miller, Michael Urie are some of the remarkable people with remarkable LOOKS