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  1. Yeah, it seems the issue isn't fixed on any theme, actually.
  2. Show Mariah without makeup and we’ll see how she compares to Ariana.
  3. Why is my friend LEMONADE. banned ;( that trump supporter is at it again, I see 

    1. New Beginnings

      New Beginnings

      Instead of pulling against the forum why dont you harness some of that energy into positive energy and contribute to the forums properly. You guys seem so bored but you could actually help make this place even better. Why take advantage of this place? Makes no sense. 

  4. Follow me back phadgot 

    1. Sweetener


      I’m wayabongo :nicole: 

  5. I'm getting it on the LOP theme now; lemme switch themes and see if that fixes it
  6. COP Dark didn't fix it for me. It made it better, but it didn't fix it...
  7. I think the LOP theme fixes it but it's uglee so...
  8. her only bad album is SD... meanwhile demetria has every album of hers except for her latest two (which are good) but lemme not get into that...
  9. Whenever I browse a page on the standard theme, there's a black bar flickering when you scroll up and down inb4 I get a seizure, jesus!
  10. I wanna f-OOH OOH OOH but I'm broken hearted
    CRY CRY CRY but I like to party
    TOUCH TOUCH TOUCH but I ain't got nobody
    Here on my own
    I wanna f-OOH OOH OOH but I'm broken hearted
    CRY CRY CRY since the day we parted
    TOUCH TOUCH TOUCH but I ain't got nobody
    So I do it solo

    A bop :icant: