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  1. This is so disgusting, good on you for exposing that filfth. Creeps will always find a way to creep on younger children but on a pop forum where teenagers are mostly drawn to is just disturbing.
  2. Poor Nicki stans got bullied so much on here it's insane. Imagine getting harassad daily because you like an artist. Not cute.
  3. She is coming to save the music scene again on 31/08/2018. Get ready. This will be the lead single of her upcoming project.
  4. Oh i did lol, put it in my spotify right away aswell. SAdly i now see the Era Istrefi collab is fake, god would that have bopped
  5. Omg i am so exited for me so bad, loved it since the first snippet leaked. Also i heard that the female collab on Joyride might be Era Istrefi, as people have found a Last.fm registration for a song called challenges ft. Era Istrefi
  6. Such a mess i just heard this through Alyson Swift. I am so shook, he can't even properly moan
  7. I'd cry if my faves would die. The great memories at their shows would stick with me forever making me even more sad lol
  8. Serve me Loud or Rated R queen
  9. Niether does Katy Perry yet she happend. Give Bella a chance.
  10. Why the fuck wait till september? I hate this bitch so much sometimes