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  1. Why did the op lie to me @Roobz OT: MLWSWY is my new answer
  2. Since U Been Gone is the only answer
  3. I’m a sucker for black men, so Big Sean is the one for me. Jealous that the good sis Ari had that
  4. When they don’t stream my stanlist
  5. We only get a day I only have 2 bi friends irl so we are an endangered species!!
  6. How am I gonna find my 11 when I stan them all All my rates will either be 10’s and maybe a couple nines. I love these songs
  7. I don’t see the op specifying that it had to be released in 2018
  8. 1. I Like It 2. Never Be The Same 3. ...Ready For It? January - September, 3 more months left
  9. A stan now put the links under the tweet
  10. Happy late Birthday @life13swift you're one of my faves here!