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  1. this, who cares if he won when he is still a bad human being
  2. 7 rings - 165 NASA - 95 buwyg,ib - 95 thank u, next - 89 bloodline - 83 Ariana has the whole top 13 but 1 song which is ME!
  3. a collab, deserved to be a single
  4. Was this a surprise release or was there promo? Because I never heard of this until @Burning Up told me to stream a song in it which featured Madge Stream Soltera!!!!
  5. I usually just wear whatever seems fine to me (Regular shorts/pants & t-shirts) I really don't have a look to go for
  6. If this smash was rihleased on Spotify when it was out, it would’ve hit 500m by now
  7. Let’s not blame Bugs Bunny here, when he’s just a fictional character Let’s blame the company that created all of this!
  8. a classic coming for the top 10 songs of the decade
  9. wow these two classics twinning