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  1. Legend debuting at #1 Taylor still being at #8 ha LONGEVITY
  2. Sis an EP, what are you doing...
  3. this, who cares if he won when he is still a bad human being
  4. whew i got fake smile the best song on the album
  5. 7 rings - 165 NASA - 95 buwyg,ib - 95 thank u, next - 89 bloodline - 83 Ariana has the whole top 13 but 1 song which is ME!
  6. This classic won’t stop smashing
  7. a collab, deserved to be a single
  8. Bebe Rexha’s hitmaking power
  9. this remembered classic
  10. Was this a surprise release or was there promo? Because I never heard of this until @Burning Up told me to stream a song in it which featured Madge Stream Soltera!!!!
  11. I usually just wear whatever seems fine to me (Regular shorts/pants & t-shirts) I really don't have a look to go for
  12. If this smash was rihleased on Spotify when it was out, it would’ve hit 500m by now