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  1. Ariana will never be taken seriously, only hypersexual bottoms listen to her
  2. He does the same shit on every single forum. All ways talking about “white twink” and how much he hates them when that the only thing he puts his *** in. He’s annoying and no one likes him for a reason
  3. I’m not sure if it’s just me but aren’t gays always complaining about not having representation in the mainstream music world. Sam Smith is literally the only out gay guy who has had mainstream success with music this decade yet all you gays do is bash him. Are some gay just jealous of his success ?
  4. You ignore everything I said besides me stating that she was born in Kansas
  5. The demo is enough evidence. If rihanna was a main writer on the song there wouldn’t be a demo track of PND singing. There is a demo because the song was written for rihanna and they gave it to her FOOL. Britney isn’t respected, she’s a joke who put out an album with a person imitating her vocals. What serious artistic artist puts out an album without them even singing on it.
  6. It’s going to flop and being forgotten just like her last 4 albums. She going to half ass her promotions and performances and her voice tuning is going to painful to the ear like it always is. She’s just some mediocre girl from Kansas that got luck. She’s never been artistic.
  7. Use common sense and don’t personally attack me. A mod should read their own rules. No i don’t really feel like dissecting this essay you wrote me so I’ll only respond to the important parts. Use context clues, I didn’t mean rihanna really literally stole writing credits, I meant that she was underserving of being credited as the writer because she simply didn’t write it. I didn’t say she stole this from PND, anyone can go on the internet and see who is credited. Go back to listening to Myah Marie’s and wishing that Britney wasn’t the literal laughing stock of the entire industry. You obviously don’t know how the music industry works so I’ll just leave it at that.
  8. We all know rihanna didn’t change the melody or compose the f*** song, y’all are only saying this because y’all like her. Here’s the demo, what lyric did rihanna change or melody, it sthe exact same lmao
  9. Well you stan Britney Spears who also steals writing credits so I would expect you to think with a clear head. Rihanna also got writing credit for “ same ole mistakes” which was literally a cover of a game impala song. She didn’t change the melody or add any lyrics. If rihanna wrote and produced the song, why would she need PND to do a demo ?
  10. Just because she screeches like bird in the background of her painfully awful vocal performances in her songs doesn’t means nothing. Just because she dedicated to her art doesn’t mean it’s good.
  11. Why doesn’t Björk and no one cares about the charts in Iceland
  12. No I actually don’t get what you’re saying. I never said someone name was removed, I said that rihanna should not have been given a song writing award because she simply didn’t write it, PND did. Lots of artist sing songs, you don’t get a SONGWRITING awards for singing, hence the title of the award.