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  1. Disco Tits is a SONG :zach1:

  2. My avi slays

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    2. Jakey


      @P!nk oop I didn't notice, I'll change it :trisha:

    3. P!nk


      I mean it's not mine you can do what u want :trisha4:

    4. Yüyi


      A mess a kii a cackle:wendy26:

  3. People keep saying I look like Shawn Mendes, they must be blind dkdkdk :wendy16:

  4. Just booked my travel to see my man in October :trisha:

  5. Just saw a video of someone recording audio of the JWT rehearsals and a new song. Turns out it was just ma ma pa pa pa perfect illusion. I'm done with this fanbase :trisha:

    1. ACT2


      omg i saw that yesterday KSKSKSKSKKSKSKSKSKKSKS