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  1. From now on im gonna speak in turkish so that these bitches cant understand shit. Orospular kraliceye boyun egin
  2. Thank you... finally a site where there is no bashing about katy.
  3. She is a great artist. Nice video she reminds me of fka twigs
  4. Janet is the best. Literally she is one of the only characters in tv that makes me laugh that hard.
  5. Good luck with that. It’s such a great fall/winter album
  6. Yeah i stan rih but i’ve never been to a listening party so idk
  7. Yas kween!! Preach! Touch it should have been a single. Even i am mad at her for not making THAT song a single. And after hearing touch it i listened to the whole album its a grade A record
  8. Used to be obsessed with her but i still like her songs. Btw i have never really got the adoration for dangerous woman then i heard touch it and fell in love