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  1. Rihanna

    Navy 4 Life
  2. hey bitchez

    We as newbies have to stick together and support each other
  3. hey bitchez

    Hey sister!! Love you
  4. Hello sisterns

    I love taylor so much too!!
  5. Hottest Nationalities

    Israelis are gorgeous
  6. Hello sisterns

    Love you guys! Thanks
  7. Hello sisterns

    Thanks dahhhhhlings!
  8. Hello sisterns

    You guys are so nice! What a warm welcome
  9. Hello sisterns

    So PopCrave just posted about y'all and I got interested.. My name is Zayn and I'm 17 y/o from the UK. I love Mariah, Xtina, Bey, Kylie Minogue and Rihanna. I hope I can get to know you guys and have as much fun as possible
  10. Hey sis, welcome to the forums! Want VIP? Check out this thread for the tea.

    1. badgallaura


      Wig an xtina stan.