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  1. Its good, but not second single worthy.
  2. ctrclub


    I've been researching Ava's career before she was Ava Max for months, so i know a lot!
  3. Give her Carly Rae inspired throwback 80s bop from her 4 studio album, MAMI, a chance:
  4. She serves looks, bops, and has many hits worldwide. do you stan Alexandra Stan?
  5. ctrclub

    hey guys

    get into these masterpieces. when will your faves make songs like these?
  6. ctrclub

    hey guys

    Charli (and Alexandra ) are the best artists in existence. Be sure to check out charli's magnum opus SUCKER & her best song Explode (from the Angry Birds movie soundtrack )
  7. ctrclub

    hey guys

    Alexandra has consistently served quality since her debut album (4 albums so far). Halsey's only good releases are hfk & Room 93
  8. ctrclub

    hey guys

    Taste! It's literally called BADLANDS
  9. ctrclub

    hey guys

    Taste! It's literally called BADLANDS
  10. ctrclub

    hey guys

    If you think BADLANDS is her best album you're not a true stan
  11. ctrclub

    hey guys

    I stan all except for Taylor! be sure to stan INNA too!
  12. Tooo skinny I weigh like 106 lbs