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  1. the song is really bad. if you're gonna exploit all your exes, including one who's dead, at least make it a bop. i really gotta change my avi
  2. idk for me personally it's the older i get, the less open i am to compromising and tolerating things. it's either going to be exactly how i want it or not at all. also, i love being alone so even if i were to be alone for the rest of my life, it wouldn't bother me. i'd love it.
  3. no, i don't drink at all. i tried it a couple of times and i always get anxious and a really weird, uncomfortable feeling in my head. and about half an hour after drinking any alcohol i start to get bad headaches so it's a no from me.
  4. pretty accurate, when it comes to cleanliness i'm 0% lazy. people who are dirty and don't clean are disgusting
  5. i love coffee so much. i was really young when i tried it for the first time and loved it from the first sip. throughout my teens and up until now i used to drink it excessively. i couldn't function without a coffee in the morning and at my worst times i would drink 5-6 cups a day. i no longer drink it for health reasons but I still love and miss it. i think now that it's getting hot i might get an iced coffee now and then
  6. didn't she do it for the fame fatale tour? i remember reading about it before. anyway she doesn't give a fuck, really.
  7. miss banks talks a lot of trash and deserves to be cancelled but she did not lie this time
  8. true, accelerate is the worst comeback of all time i didn't think she could do it but she managed to release something that will flop even harder than bionic that's a talent too i guess
  9. do we have any data on which streams are from paid subscriptions and which are from free listeners?
  10. omg this post is so relatable. i feel like the last couple of season really haven't brought anything new or exciting to the table and i'm so tired of it, i can't even keep up with the current season anymore. i might watch the episode with bianca in it but i think i need a long break from it. it's sad really, because it's my favorite show
  11. i guess it's harder to ignore them when you live so close to them and are more exposed to them
  12. i stopped the video after 6 seconds because people like that annoy me so much but they're hardworking, healthy young people who i prefer a million times over other people of their generation. i really loved watching steve irwin when i was younger. some time ago i saw the wife's tweet about still loving and missing him and apparently she hasn't even gone on a date since he died. i guess true love still exists