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  1. Host: Now, it’s time to listen to tonights music guest! Let’s take a closer look at her! An introduction video of Aaliyah appears on the huge screen. As the video ends, Aaliyah’s face appears on the huge screen & Aaliyah walks out to the main stage. For this performance, we see that Aaliyah wears another baggy clothes! As she walks out, colorful lights goes on. The dancers are already on the stage, then the music starts to play and the dancers start dancing around Aaliyah while she is posing for the camera & sending kisses to judges. As the intro comes on all of the dancers start doing the 'Back & Forth' dance. First verse comes on, all of the lights show Aaliyah at this part. As the pre-hook comes on each lights with different colors start showing the dancers dancing in a groovy way. Aaliyah creates the 90s atmosphere with this performance in a good way. And then she starts singing ‘hook’ of the song. As this part comes on, Aaliyah dances to the back & forth with dancers. In the second verse part, she tells everyone to put their hands in the air & wave their hands and people start waving with her. And then she turns her around and shows the LIYAH license plate on her back. Then pre-hook comes again and this time, the DJ doesn’t stop moving and male dancers take off their shirts and start to dance with female dancers, they don’t stop moving. And they do the ‘Back & Forth’ dance once again. As the bridge part comes, we see the producer of the song R.Kelly coming to the stage. The audience & the judges start applausing him & Kelly starts singing his part with Aaliyah. Then Aaliyah goes for a high note once again with this part. Lefts everyone shook! As the bridge part ends R.Kelly dances with Aaliyah and the guitarist does his solo part with his amazing electro- guitar skills! As it ends, Aaliyah sings the hook part fort he last time & as she ends it every dancer does a ‘death drop’ . We see Aaliyah as the only person standing at the stage after dancers work is done! And the lights goes down and we start witnessing a round of applause from everyone to Aaliyah! Host: Give it up for Aaliyah everybody! Her debut single ‘Back & Forth’ is out on every streaming platforms RIGHT NOW!
  2. Elvis Duran: Wow, it was a good song that we just played but it's time for everyone to say hello our guest today! She is only 15 years old & already started shaking the table little by little in the music industry with her debut single, Back & Forth. Yes, it's Aaliyah guys *the radio crew start clapping Aaliyah* Aaliyah: Thank you guys, i'm getting so many positive energies here! It's so nice to be here. Elvis: It's nice to meet you Aaliyah, thank you for coming. on Back & Forth's chart run So what do you think about this song? This song started good for a debuting artist on the charts. What do you think about the first-week results? I was pretty shocked because...you know i was expecting the song to debut at a lower places but it debuted at Top 20 on all the charts!!! I'm happy with it... But i really hope that it can go Top 10 in US because it's my home country & i'm waiting for them to help me a little more about it!!!! on her 'placement' in the music industry & the debut album I got the information about the collaborations that you did for your debut album... They're pretty big names to have in a musical project right? Will this album place you at a higher position? On both popularity & sales....? Actually i'd love to see my debut album being #1 on the charts, that'd be huge honor for me o achieve that. About the collaborations, i know right? The album is full of amazing songs & i truly believe that i chose the right people to collaborate with. My fans will love it. on her upcoming surprises Are there any surprises coming in the future? You have to wait and see... Get ready for the album guys!!!! There are some surprises coming Elvis Duran: Thank you for coming Aaliyah! It was amazing meeting you Aaliyah: Thank you for having me Elvis!!!! Elvis: That's it guys, This next song is from this young R&B princess....But first.... Aaliyah: Hello guys, it's Aaliyah and this is my debut single, Back & Forth. Have fun listening to it & you can buy it on iTunes!
  3. and also... @hammer i was actually joking but...ok
  4. I don't want to count it cuz y'all probably created a group PM and posted the numbers back-to-back if you look at the 'times that those were posted'
  5. 'but let me stop you there...'
  6. Breakout, See You Again (we love a Top 10 hit ), Fly On The Wall & her diss single to Nick Jonas, 7 Things
  7. It debuted at #1 in the US while Demi was 16 making her one of the youngest artists ever to achieve this! It has since been certified Gold in the US & has sold more than 1 MILLION copies ww. We love her 2nd best album It has sooo many amazing songs Got Dynamite, Solo (out now), HWGA, Stop The World, World Of Chances & many more
  8. The album marked Miley's departure from Hannah Montana. It debuted at #1 in the US with 370,000 copies & has since been certified PLATINUM in the US. It has now sold more than 4 MILLION copies worldwide! She was only 15 years old when she earned her second #1 album