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  1. Just listened to it & it's actually good ANOTHER BOP
  2. Literally i need to hear her VOICE
  3. A solo Top 3 hit is amazing for Ari The song will slay the charts obviously but... Miley already achieved that with We Can't Stop, Wrecking Ball (went to #1 the others didn't achieve THAT feat before) & Party In The U.S.A
  4. 55 members online? what is a wig?


  5. All this teasing My idol better arrive FASTER
  6. Y'all she is literally trending WW on Twitter People are going OFF on Nas
  7. this underrated TEA!!! The song itself is actually better than New Rules It deserved better
  8. I mean...Dua earned exposure little by little this era (in US) & she slayed the entire Europe btw...her what? this single doesn't belong to any of her albums and she is credited as a feature so...
  9. All i'm gonna say is, she actually going to be big in the future... And i'm not gonna mention how her career started SLAYING after New Rules