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  1. last visited 15 hours ago? :kelly::kelly:

    1. jackgrande


      Glad to know we’re still in his thoughts :kelly:

  2. Downvote legend :kelly:

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    2. P!nk


      2 minutes ago, jackgrande said:

      I forgot he existed :kelly: last visited January 23 OMG

      He was BannedT remember :kelly:

    3. Rainbow 💫

      Rainbow 💫

      Lmao the fact that he was online even tho banned, he probably was pressed he couldnt downvote us :kelly:

    4. jackgrande


      Yeah I know :kelly: is he really that desperate to come back that he still checks up on us though omg

  3. Tiger's Alert: 14 more downvotes for my hot nudes OMG!

    THIS IS DISGUSTING :katychair: