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  1. I want to let you all know that starting tomorrow I won't be online for a few days since my internet will be gone. I should be back within a week. I am not leaving the forum, just like Indie I will be back although I might be gone for longer than Indie was. :taylucifer3:

    1. Maren Swift

      Maren Swift

      It has been randomly not working for a week or so. Like today it only started working at around 2 or 3 O'clock PM. I don't run the house's internet but I've been told it will be turned off tomorrow until fixed or replaced which could take a few days.

      I guess I'll have to do what the Madonna stans do and read a book. :taylucifer3:

      I also have all my music downloaded so I am all good with listening to Taylucifer.