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  1. Hey everyone. I saw COP was back online and just thought I would explain what I said in the discord chat yesterday after COP went offline. COP is a great place and I have loved talking with every one of you about music whether we agree or disagree on something. I have made many fond memories on COP. However I feel like it is time for me to move on from here. I hate being in the middle of drama that I don't care about at all. The drama that happened yesterday was a good example. I was super busy and was not focused enough to pay attention to what was going on. I have decided that is time for me to focus on other aspects of my life and what is happening IRL. This means I will not be active on COP or Discord anymore and the Maren Swift persona is retiring. It was fun and I wish every single one of you the best. Feel free to demote my account to an ordinary user and find a rihplacement. I wish them all the best at arguing with people over WPs. And this is not directed at anyone in particular and I still love you all. My twitter is @taylorswiftcop if you wish to follow. That would be the only way to stay in contact. Thanks!
  2. I used to run listening parties but they all began to flop.
  3. I like the song where someone murders their abusive husband.
  4. Queen of Country. Selling 200k+ in her first week in the streaming era.
  5. Yes we love a tribute to the snake queen.
  6. That is even higher than Storyteller. I am pleasantly surprised her sales went up in the streaming era.