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  1. I love Dierks Bentley! Burning Man is such a great song and The Mountain is one of my favourite albums of last year.
  2. No. I'm far from the deep end. Watch as I dive in. Thank U Next is the bigger hit on the charts. But that song has nothing to do with Shallow's success. We did a snake cult ritual to game the system.
  3. Shallow is clearly a hit. It has been on the Billboard Hot 100 for 23 weeks and it has spent all but two of those in the top 40. I will spin my web and make y'all succumb to the shallow shallow.
  4. The song has been on the chart for over twenty weeks and is in the top ten. It is allowed to "free-fall" since it already a huge hit with an Oscar.
  5. My point is not moot. The point that Zedd's songs were slow burns was the moot one since it is not true.
  6. The difference is The Middle and Stay debuted in the top 30 and took 5 and 7 weeks to rise into the top ten. Not much of a 'Slow Burn' but a normal chart run. 365 debuted at #86. No where near the other 'Slow Burn' hits.
  7. She just took the beat from Sweet But Psycho but added generic self-empowerment lyrics. I'll stick to Sweet But Psycho. I don't need to be told how being different is okay another time.
  8. The talent is called acting which is why they gave him best actor. It isn't best musician in a movie.
  9. Deserved! Shallow and A Star Is Born are amazing!
  10. Maybe because A Star Is Born was a huge box office success and Hollywood listens with it's wallet. Combine that with the critical success and award nominations and Hollywood probably thinks it has found a new acting talent. A Star Is Born is amazing and deserves the attention.
  11. Rita deserves the bottom 2 for her hosting on Cycle 23 of ANTM. I hope she learnt her lesson.