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  1. The best song Taylor has written ;)

    I can't help dragging sometimes.
  2. Paramore, Taylor and Lorde. A worthy first 10.
  3. The best song Taylor has written ;)

    It is almost like you chose this song as Taylor's best written due to Miley singing it. And no it isn't her best written, Miley's shrill voice aside.
  4. Normani and Zendaya are the best this week. Also Justin rocks those glasses.
  5. Did Halsey do that with Closer?

    Do what? Suck?
  6. hey folks

    what is this why lol i stan Taylucifer.
  7. Better Era:YN or L4L

    Lust For Life's lead single eradicates anything ever released by Miley.
  8. Maren Morris

    Your taste has been confirmedt. CongRATulations.
  9. Camila Cabello

    I'll attend. Havana makes me want to listen.
  10. Maren Morris

    Thank you all who participated in the Hero Deluxe Edition listening party. Since Maren is an unknown artist on here I thought that I would be listening to Hero by myself so I am overwhelmed that it had many participants. I hope you all love and stan Maren now. @Heartbeat @KnightofCrescentLovatic @lanadel @The Boy @Pixelated Cunt @Breakdown Thank you all for listening with me. It means so much to be able to share this artist and album with all of you. I've been wanting to for a long time. And for anyone who wasn't able to attend, you're still welcome to listen to Hero Deluxe Edition and give your thoughts!
  11. Maren Morris

    Up-vote since one of you suggested I make a Maren Morris badge.
  12. Stan Badges | Requests Thread

    After I just converted many people to loving Maren, we need a Maren badge:
  13. Maren Morris

    Just a reminder that Dear Hate, her other song not from Hero, exists and listen to that too.
  14. Maren Morris

    What is that picture of Taylucifer with a gun from? I want to use it.
  15. Maren Morris

    Space is the last track. Listen to Maren's smart writing and emotional vocals one more time.