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  1. You don't get as successful as Britney without getting work done.
  2. Oh, I forgot about that. Never mind then. I see what this entire thread is about now.
  3. Speaking of the video Khalid looks good in a chef outfit. And it is curious that he seems uninterested in Normandi dancing in the window.
  4. I have felt the pain of watching Hannah Montana the Movie.
  5. True statement. He cancelled himself with his music career.
  6. Are we still digging up old tweets to cancel celebrities? Didn't we learn from James Gunn that digging up old tweets is pointless since people change and evolve. I hope he apologises so we can all move on.
  7. I should be rich from all the promo I do for Maren.
  8. Taylor Swift Zero Chart #1s ...Ready For It Deli Cat Breathe Getaway Car Dear John Begin Again Innocent Style Treacherous
  9. She acted on a Nickelodeon TV Show. A step above Disney Channel but not an indication of movie star quality.
  10. Pop stars trying to act can be iffy. You used Evita as an example for Madonna but she did have many flops before and after Evita as a leading actress. (And yes before y'all mention it: Taylor sucked in Valentine's Day.)
  11. You've confused Ariana Grande with Meghan Trainor