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  1. It is real. http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/this-morning/news/a852263/this-morning-plays-meghan-trainor-over-stephen-hawking-tribute/ There was a Meghan Trainor segment previously that show so someone probably pressed the wrong button and it played instead.
  2. She is generous! Hopefully she can send me something when my ritualistic vow of celibacy is over and I get married one day.
  3. Follow the new Taylor Swift COP Twitter account! This is an idea I'm trialling out so it might flop. It also means I now have a Twitter account and I can share to people. https://twitter.com/taylorswiftcop
  4. Me too! I am curious to see what everyone did for the challenges. @shmeur
  5. It was several hours ago. And it is Speak Now because we're going through the albums. We've done reputation, 1989, Red and now Speak Now.
  6. It exists because she wanted to shock the world with a new image that didn't necessarily fit into a typical song-writing box.
  7. Katy isn't wrong. Taylor is a great songwriter.
  8. CongRATs @KingOfCrescentLovatic & @Salvatore! Hopefully you can prove yourselves to be great section moderators!
  9. The Middle gets the biggest pop radio gain today!
  10. CongRATs to @Black Beauty and @Moist Mahomie for securing a section mod position! I hope you can prove yourselves to be a great member of the mod team.
  11. Is she really wearing a fanny pack?