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  1. Justice for roulette. 

  2. There must be some truth there as we all know even Beyonce's father admitted that Bey is successful only bc she's light-skinned. And so is Rihanna. Do dark-skinned African-american girls like Azealia don't stand a chance in today's society? Does colorism play a role in the music industry?
  3. Praise the original skinny legend
  4. Keep telling that yourself and maybe you'll believe it
  5. i didnt want to say it cuz im a nice person. and ikr, she barely moves on stage and screeches in the microphone.
  6. lmao these fatso bitches reversing the argument so they can keep being lazy and eat like whales. No. The concern for health is REAL. Embarrassing post.
  7. Agreed. Stripptney delulu stans should get a grip on reality
  8. no bc reverse racism or racism against white peopl doesnt exist
  9. Some not so bright mods ruining the fun again, whats new. bye

    1. Dirkje


      Fake news should be in Wasteland normally, but hey its a special day! They should know better!

    2. roulette


      yea. also,, the shawn and the cop shutdown thread are still there btw

  10. thats something a fat person would say, useless thread to the wasteland
  11. but if it really helps them lose weight why not? who wouldnt want to be skinny?!