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    hey gang, random question, favour, but I built this app here that pulls in all the infos, new tracks and videos around SG3 in the run up to the album... would you fellow Selenators please try it and gieve me a little feedback please? That'd mean the world to me thanks! xx https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.welovepop.selena
  2. I love Genius! So useful. I tried to copy what they do a little here in my little pet project too... http://bit.ly/2z8rVri It's a free app that pulls all the info about the new album together. I think it's neat, but then again I would say that about my little baby. Would love to hear what you think! xx
  3. same here! Also check out what I've been working on in my spare time. Finally live in the Play Store http://bit.ly/2z8rVri It's a gratis app that informs us Selenators about all the latest about SG3. Check it and lemme know what you think! xx, Izzy
  4. Salut Brigitte, ca va la belle! xx currently having Fetish on repeat, but all time... puh that's hard... Come and Get it is probably still my fav, even though I've played that too many times already Hands to myself is a very close 2nd, if not even top, can't decide really. Might be cause I'm in love with the video and that hunk Christopher Bad Liar is also amazing, cause I can really relate... what about you girl?
  5. Here's hoping Taytay returns the favour! https://www.bustle.com/p/selena-gomez-reviewed-taylor-swifts-reputation-her-description-will-get-swifties-even-more-excited-3002885
  6. have you guys seen this!? https://www.bustle.com/p/selena-gomez-reviewed-taylor-swifts-reputation-her-description-will-get-swifties-even-more-excited-3002885 I'm literally MELTING INSIDE!!!
  7. I stan therefore I am...
  8. Don't call it a revival - it's a fetish!