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  1. y girls I made a video about this whole James Charles Situation and I hope you enjoy it I think there's a lot of hot tea in it thanks for watching
  2. Hi Guys so I'm back after a long time and let me tell you that I created a youtube channel basically because I feel I have a lot of things I want to share and I also want to use my english, I got this new job in my country which is amazing cause it's a very safe job and pays very well but english is not needed there so it's kinda sad that I will not be able to use it anymore but there is still youtube and it's basically a great way to share your stuff with the world please watch this video and please subscribe to my channel and share it with your friends, I would really appreciate it please understand that english is not my first language and that I was bit nervous, lmao I hope my english and my content can improve with time here's my first video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i08Ii5JBUoY&t=22s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i08Ii5JBUoY Thank you guys XOXO HANS
  3. yeah she gave me hope for the future, I will alywas thank her for that
  4. I swear she will have a her own reality show with the biggest raitings ever The Challenge of being celebrity, a hoodrat and a mother at the same time
  5. I'm glad your mother also took it well coming out talsk ALOT of balls tbh
  6. it's kinda odd that your father accepted you and your mother didn't, it's usually the other way around I dont really know if I will ever tell my father
  7. it really does, it's not easy and you simply feel you are about to faint, but once it goes well you feel a big pressure leaving your body eventually you will know when it's the right time, you shouldn't force it, you will just know
  8. yeah technically I'm still in the closet since only one person knows about it but it's still amazing that the first tiem was great
  9. As I promised in this thread I had made the desision to finally come out to my mother and explain to her why I was so different from everyone else, why she never met one of my imaginary girlfriends, why I barely go out and shit. I took her for a dinner but before that we decided to have some ice cream, once we were inside the car I thought my Now or Never moment and I was ready to GO. I asked her if she loved me unconditionally, she said of "course I do", then I told her that I want to be with my family together, I don't wanna be without any of my brothers, mother and sister and then with a very nervous tone of voice I told her I was gay She thought I was kidding and I told her a lot of times I was not She took it very well, she didn't cry, she didn't get mad, she was simply shocked because she said she never thought I was gonna be the gay son since I'm pretty masculine and never gave her gay vibes, she said no one in the family would have ever guessed I was gay. I've always been into sports and listen to Ranchero music which is a traditional mexican genre that is always associated with Macho Men, lol I also listen to Madonna, Lady Gaga, Janet jackson, beyonce, Brtiney, KPO, JPOP, etc and BLAST their music in my house but she sad she thought that she always thoguht it was normal and that's what the youth listen to these days and I was like.... She said she loved me and that she is sad that I've been feeling depressed all this time and she is worried that AI might face discrimination in the future, I told her that I've never been really happy and that I've had suicidal thoughts A LOT of times, that scared her a lot and she said that one thing she would never forgive me for is if I ever killed myself and she wouldn't forgive herself either, she said I look better alive with a smile in my face. Yeah it was overwhelmingly good then we had our dinner and had a good talk about my life and the future, she said she is we are gonna keep this a secret, I'm gonna come out to my brothers and sister later and my father probably next year, but it feels so good to be out with the most important person in my life My mother but seriously msot gay people say their parents already knew but my mother said she NEVER thought I was gay, things could hvae gone wrong because of this so that's it I'm happy but being out feels kinda awkward too
  10. it's very frustrating I'm just 24 old and I already feel old because of society, it's very toxic, but it's definitely a bigger problem for women than men
  11. yeah I' gonna tell her everything, Ive felt suicidal and miserable for a long time, I've been bullied for being different pretty much my whole life causing anxiety and I've been freaking out for fearing the possibility of being kicked out and disowned by my own family and eventually become homelss and die alone I'm gonna tell her EVERYTHING, same with my brothers and sister
  12. that's actually what I wanna do I'm taking my mom out for a meal and talk to her about a lot of things, explain that I've always felt different, I barely go out, I've been feeling sad and miserable for a long time, and pretty much come out I know she will cry but I just can't deal with this anymore I will tell some friends the next week, they all pretty much know already
  13. I'm glad things went great for you my family just like most mexicans are catholics, and catholics don't really take religion THAT seriously, only old people do, actually my brothers and I are pretty much atheists and always mocking religion an calling pastors "hypocrite pedo freaks" and honestly I don't really give a fuck if my grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts accept me, they mean NOTHING to me, I'm not even that close to them only a few of them are my friends and don't really need them to survive, they can choke, I won't even feel the need to tell them anything, I only seen them on christmas, new year and some birthdays
  14. thank you I barely posted here because I forgot my password, lol