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  1. Isn’t it weird that I like this behind-the-scenes video than the music video itself?
  2. Happy birthday to @Irrelevant and @Moebius! Hopefully that's your real birthday, cos there are some who fakes their birthday for the sake of privacy. But anyways, happy birthday!

    1. Moebius


      I'M AUTHENTIC SIS :trymebitch: 

      Don't know about Irrelevant tho :o 

      thanks <3 


  3. Is it serious to make a duplicate account? Like, if you make another account just to evade WPs or just want to have an alt [either one]? Thanks! And is illegal or intolerable to tag mods and the two admins back then? [@Ratchet and @Nicki Minaj know about this when I did it.]
  4. I’m no ass-kisser. If you wanna go, then go. If you wanna stay, then stay. I’m not gonna fight no more, bish! 9_9

  5. Uhm, I don’t have a reason not to stan ha. She’s influenced by Katy Perry, just so you know.
  6. Wait, are we talking about Selena? OT: I don’t know if any other album will be released from the girl we’re talking about [it can also apply to Nicki ].
  7. Girl, yaass! Especially, Missy for me.
  8. I forgot @Ratchet, not knowing she was @P!nk. Sorry!
  9. I’m gonna go for P!nk [@Ratchet]. Gaga’s trying, and yet not all songs are to be tried [that hard]. It’s like she’s forcing to really go broadway, so I choose P!nk.
  10. Into Me You See by Katy Perry
  11. Yussy! My pussy is quaking! Congrats to Queen Kesh! The song is catchy.
  12. @AALIYAH DANA, @badgallaura, @ColdInside, @CUZ!CAN, @Cyrus, @Denis Stoff, @dream, @Heartbeat, @KnightofCrescentLovatic, @LegendaryWitness, @life13swift, @Mentor, @mrtblr, @Nicki Minaj, @One Of The Boys, @Ray of Light, @Sierra, @Starboy, @Bobs Vagene, @Poppy of COP, @Khris, @CoryisaCunt
  13. I missed my friends here in COP. Sorry I’m not able to be online often! I don’t know what to do now.

    1. Katheryn


      ALSO! Someone unfollowed meh! :wendy20: