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  1. Question to mods

    Is it serious to make a duplicate account? Like, if you make another account just to evade WPs or just want to have an alt [either one]? Thanks! And is illegal or intolerable to tag mods and the two admins back then? [@Ratchet and @Nicki Minaj know about this when I did it.]
  2. I’m no ass-kisser. If you wanna go, then go. If you wanna stay, then stay. I’m not gonna fight no more, bish! 9_9

  3. The most beautiful girl in Pop music

    Uhm, I don’t have a reason not to stan ha. She’s influenced by Katy Perry, just so you know.
  4. Is SG4 actually ever coming?

    Wait, are we talking about Selena? OT: I don’t know if any other album will be released from the girl we’re talking about [it can also apply to Nicki ].
  5. Who would be your ideal "The Voice" judges?

    Girl, yaass! Especially, Missy for me.
  6. Most likeable COP members

    I forgot @Ratchet, not knowing she was @P!nk. Sorry!
  7. Who sang it better? P!NK or Gaga?

    I’m gonna go for P!nk [@Ratchet]. Gaga’s trying, and yet not all songs are to be tried [that hard]. It’s like she’s forcing to really go broadway, so I choose P!nk.
  8. Linked Song Titles

    Into Me You See by Katy Perry
  9. Yussy! My pussy is quaking! Congrats to Queen Kesh! The song is catchy.
  10. Most likeable COP members

    @AALIYAH DANA, @badgallaura, @ColdInside, @CUZ!CAN, @Cyrus, @Denis Stoff, @dream, @Heartbeat, @KnightofCrescentLovatic, @LegendaryWitness, @life13swift, @Mentor, @mrtblr, @Nicki Minaj, @One Of The Boys, @Ray of Light, @Sierra, @Starboy, @Bobs Vagene, @Poppy of COP, @Khris, @CoryisaCunt
  11. I missed my friends here in COP. Sorry I’m not able to be online often! I don’t know what to do now.

    1. Katheryn


      ALSO! Someone unfollowed meh! :wendy20:

  12. RETURNING MEMBER Hii im new / (any active kesha thread?)

    You forgot @Khris. Anyways, welcome [back] to the forum! Hope you won't get bored this time.
  13. #SaveKatyPerry

    You think so? Thanks!
  14. #SaveKatyPerry

    And yet, I don’t recall you knowing about this thread. Help me up these all, please? J/K… unless you want to. Also, @Bobs Vagene got it.