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  1. Excerpts from her 15-page affidavit (for a now-dismissed lawsuit against WWE). It was posted I believe a few years ago, but has hence spread on social media. Cliff notes: One of five employees (Maria Kanellis, Jimmy Hart, Ron Simmons, and Gary Hart as the tour’s supervisor) that took part on a press tour in the Middle East for US troops. She was harassed by locals in Riyadh despite adhering to custom, but tried to think nothing of it. Taken to a sickbay at a military base in Kuwait for menstrual cramps, where she was placed on IV for several hours. A army doctor (accompanied by a female soldier) in an orange shirt and pants administered doses of an unknown drug (probably a sedative) before taking Ashley to another room to place her on a table. The man rapes her in said room, with the woman guarding the entrance. Says though paralyzed, she was fully conscious and hence was in pain when he penetrated her forcefully. Later, Gary knocks on the door. The ‘doctor’ yells “one minute”, throws a dirty quilt on Ashley’s nude body, and storms out of the room with the woman. Gary carried her with the quilt and took her back to her hotel room. Wakes up three hours later with some restored motor function. Confides the rape to Maria (who tells the others). They all agree to Ashley’s wishes of not telling anyone else of the incident. Stayed overnight in Saudi Arabia when her ticket went missing and Gary couldn’t get contact with travel coordinators for a replacement ticket. Everyone else went back to London. Ashley recalls feeling abandoned at that point and criticizes the group in her affidavit for their lack of sensitivity. Once back in the US, she discloses the rape to a WWE doctor (Rios) on the condition that he not inform anyone else. Rios nevertheless informs Vince McMahon and other company executives and lawyers. A meeting is scheduled soon afterward. Vince urges Ashley that reporting her rape to the media would not be in WWE’s best interest. He apologizes to her, but once again stresses that making her case public would jeopardize WWE’s relationship with the military, and to not let “one bad experience” destroy their work.
  2. the MV was released today but the song was released some months ago together with her album Temnikova 4 nnn
  3. it is really sad and well... you know how greedy and narcissistic people are... the more they get, the more they want >.< I hope she gets free ASAP and looks like this #FreeBritney movement did help her
  4. tbh, her dad never stroke me as a trustful person tbh this just confirms that he's bottom of the barrel trash (along with that manager or whatever that woman Lou Taylor is) but well... the music industry (like film and modelling industries) in general are really messed up behind the scenes so can't say I'm really surprised to see them milking Britney like a cow for cash just for their own benefit without caring about her feelings and her as a person, sadly
  5. If love was a Crimea, we would all be criminals


    1. Venus


      OMG I love that song

  6. Well, it would still be more “normal” than going naked on the streets nnn I mean, fem guys don’t have to act masculine or whatever, they can be theirselves but they do dress pretty “normal” themselves (they usually seem more into fashion and stuff) I actually knew a fem guy who was speaking, acting and even gesticulating like a fem guy but if you would have seen him, he didn’t look fem at all tbh
  7. Guess I’m not that much into partying 👀
  8. Y’all :rip: 

  9. they do that for entertainment tho unless the gay parades are just festivals for entertainment and not fighting for their rights
  10. imo it just keeps the stigma of gay men being sexually obsessed tbh like , personally, I feel like most straight people , when they think about a gay man, they associate them with sexually related stuff so them going "sexy" looking at the pride doesn't really do much justice to the movement instead of showing that they are literally like straight people, capable of living a "normal" life just like them, despite of them liking people that share the same gender as them but it's my opinion... I guess I might be close minded for others
  11. pop perfection 




  12. Doubt anyone wanted to find her again on the other hand 👀