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  1. Imagine being 24/7 on a DEAD forum, lol 

  2. I suppose there was a 1000% decrease in activity today on CoP

    1. King or Queen

      King or Queen

      Seek help with your obsession. 

  3. the fact she still didn't delete this tweet
  4. О, мама, о, мама,
    Я так его люблю, что с ума схожу.
    Доиграемся. Эта сука любовь.


  5. I did hear about this stuff ... like guys with vaginas Well, you could try talking with him about what happened and what is going on? If you are understanding and calm while talking with him about it, it might end up well
  6. Opium


    Hallo Who were you on ATRL tho?
  7. Pirate Bey's The Burger King : The Theft being beaten by Billie Eilish's 17 weeks old album nnn
  8. thot it was miss Molly in your avi nnn



    1. Ahmed


      Nnn, no @Opium, that's the bisexual afro-latina singer miss ariana grande. QKrj99v.gif

    2. Opium


      We stan an interracial queen :gaycat7:

  9. Got that look like you don't care
    Acting like a milionaire
    Boy you got me dancing
    Got no worries, got no cares
    Doesn't trouble everywhere
    Got me dancing, got me dancing, dancing



  10. Well, from only 1 post in the last 1-2 days to 5 post today is indeed a 500% increase, mathematically
  11. @Ahmed, @King or Queen and me ruling CoP atm lel


    1. Starboy


      Kings of having more than one post :demifat:

    2. Ahmed