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  1. Got that look like you don't care
    Acting like a milionaire
    Boy you got me dancing
    Got no worries, got no cares
    Doesn't trouble everywhere
    Got me dancing, got me dancing, dancing



  2. Well, from only 1 post in the last 1-2 days to 5 post today is indeed a 500% increase, mathematically
  3. @Ahmed, @King or Queen and me ruling CoP atm lel


    1. Starboy


      Kings of having more than one post :demifat:

    2. Ahmed
  4. We don’t claim Haus Beauty tho no one wants it nnn and people are just streaming Wild Thots and BBHMM nnn
  5. people already forgot 3/4 of whatever singles the Avon Lady released tho
  6. serving "winning best song Oscar is not a good look for a singer turned actress" nnnn the GP will only remember her winning the Oscar for something, not having 9 razzies , including worst actress of the century like someone else
  7. she's basically the "face" of the song and people know of her winning the Oscar for that song now whether she really goes home with it or not, that's an irrelevant detail since she still won it nnn
  8. whatever is that, no one cares nnn Gaga has the award that everyone from the GP is aware of and recognize, which is an oscar
  9. :dancega:



  10. her latest project is ASIB / Enema Residency tho no idea what's this make up line you speak of