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  1. Here is the third single from my second studio album "Shadow Works", titled "Legends" ! Also, you can pre-order the song's parent album from here : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/shadow-works/1440238156
  2. I'm very sorry to hear about these bad past experiences. It happened to me a long time ago but fortunately I didn't have to deal with it anymore after getting out of that period of my life. Also, if you need something to help you being positive, you can stream my single "Better" and listen to its lyrics, which you might relate to
  3. I kinda like it more than SBP nnn
  4. Debut single by Kira Kosarin Debut album to be released later this year, probably
  5. she can't be a forgotten fad if her Xmas song is still played to death every winter holiday season she might be a Xmas act but at least she has a solid classic unlike Madead
  6. probably a conspiracy theory but apparently there exists a cure for cancer
  7. So....Britney is officially over, isn't she?
  8. awwww, thank u so much for the gift me loves the edits and the gifs and Imma listen rn to the flawfree playlist also, thank u a lot for the comics download was actually thinking of giving them a try someday lmao merry xmas and thanks again bb
  9. Welcome to Medina - Medina