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  1. They happened tho they have 2 ww hits, one of them still being relevant after 5 years since its release nnn
  2. Katya from Serebro has more talent in her nose than all 5 filth harmony members in their entire bodies combined also, Minazi is a cemented cow
  3. Tbh it’s not even worth fighting for them when she still treats her like shit and calls her names that girl better do the #GetAJobChallange
  4. Tbh I’ve been having this and Na Litso on repeat today They better release some more trap songs
  5. Andreyw


    One of their best tbh if this would have been #1 , not #2, they would have had 5 consecutive #1 singles in Russia nnn
  6. Kerli announced on her pledgemusic page that the new album is done and will be released on February 22th, 2019 with a single (probably the lead single) on 20th November 2018 (together with the album pre-order + tracklist) There will be new singles released in early January and early February as well https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/kerli/updates https://owntopia.blogspot.com/2018/11/novo-album-e-single-da-kerli-ganha-data.html?m=1
  7. this still goes OFF



  8. people call her there "the walking dead" daily
  9. @Oh My Gaga oh my, sis... ever since you started stanning Serebro, they've started releasing trap tracks :coma2:

    1. Oh My Gaga

      Oh My Gaga

      I listened to Na Litso a couple days ago I was just- :rip:

    2. Andreyw


      that must be their worst song to date :coma2: them doing Molly'd English tracks in Russian tho :coma2::coma2: 

  10. mess at Slaveney stans getting brave
  11. karma is catching up with her disgusting behavior