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  1. How the fuck do you come out to your best friend? It was hard it enough telling him that I'm quitting swimming and I wont see him for ages :(

    1. KarenFromFinance


      If you suck his dick I’d say that’ll do the job :rih: 


      It’s hard, if it doesn’t feel like the right time then there’s no need to rush, specially for something like this 


    2. StopBeingObsessedWithMe


      What if he's straight? Tbh I've kind of had a crush on him the past year so anything could happen.mp3 :rih:


      Thank you, tbh I want to approach it with my family again... I was thinking about just putting a post on instagram so everyone knows but I feel like he should know before I do that since we've known eachother for over 5 years. Its just so hard, idk... maybe I'll get his number and tell him at a time that feels better


      I did have his number but I lost it when I smashed my phone



    3. KarenFromFinance


      If he’s straight then before you suck him off say “no homo even tho I’m homo” and go to town :rihwink:


      And from experience, telling people in person is harder, but much better in the end