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  1. The fact you have a whole group chat and my picture as your emoticon shows how obsessed you are with me. Get a job or a hobby
  2. As if you didnt do this to me already that made me blurt out the country you live in... and I am so tempted to do it again because you are such a vile person, stalker and a manipulator. You were sucking Indies dick to become a mod of this cemetery. I have to LAUGH
  3. This is the first time I posted here in weeks... but you'd know all about that you knobhead I was talking bout FOTP where you came back after 6 months to create drama. Yeah, bye you toxic cunt
  4. You are 40, living in some garbage can accross the pond from me on a discord server stalking me.
  5. Exactly, and the less we all have to deal with toxic people like MSL and KoQ
  6. I do. I have my life infront of me. But you, my dear, have absolutely no future being 40 and on a pop forum You and Pete have something in common it seems.
  7. Yup, which is exactly what I just said. Good to hear, but slightly worried since you try screenshot everything I type on an online pop forum.
  8. I know I am not a young child, but the way you two are stalking me is almost like it... To me, both you and KoQ are obsessed with me to the point of sexual fantasing because its the only reason I can come up with for calling me "Miss Craig". Both of you are sick and twisted
  9. Do you think I care about what some insignificant person has to say about me on a discord server? Lmao You posted screenshots that were taken out of context, and links too. As I said, you're toxic and vile for spreading lies about me. And for that reason, I'm out
  10. The way you are stalking me like a paedophile preying on a young child is disgusting and rude. You think you are doing something... well, all you are doing is wasting your life away. Its truly sad. You're pushing 40 and wasting it online? And you did have a FOTP account. So stop lying... it got banned after you were exposed sending and talking to minors inappropriately
  11. I put the blame on you for spreading lies, and everyone was getting tired + bored of the drama that you tried to create and tbh most of them have had nice things to say about me. Most of them wanted that drama that you gave them and when it dragged on, people got bored and didn't care. They actually told me that they believe me and I should ignore it... but I cant be there amonst someone as toxic as you.
  12. So glad this place is closing down. This place was toxic to its core and it needs to be wiped from the internet forever. I did make some good friends @Mocha @Elusive Loverboy @Grim Reap @Ahmed @AmazingAzalean @rihce so thank you for that. I will say that I think it is extremely creepy and weird that some of you are stalking me, and trying to paint me as a racist when you all know I'm not. I am so sorry I even supported you @New Beginnings because you are the root of all problems. You are the most racist and toxic person I have ever came accross on the internet. The two other most toxic members need to cut their shit out and stop stalking me. FOTP has became a toxic place for me because of MSL spreading lies. I don't need the negativity or toxicity in my life anymore. So please, close this site down and go back to your racist life Indie. And the rest of you who enjoy drama, hope you enjoy your negative lives. I'm doing much better now that I dont need to deal with the shit anymore. Goodbye.