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    Student // Athlete
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    I'm a competitive swimmer with ambitions of making the Olympics! I also love music (duh, thats why I'm here)
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    Bloody Mary, Perfect Illusion, So Happy I Could Die, Touch It, Breathin.... and many more
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    A Star Is Born Soundtrack, The Fame/Monster, ARTPOP, Dangerous Woman
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    Pheonix (Rita Ora)
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    Joanne World Tour, Enigma (Looked stunning from my phone screen)
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    A Star Is Born (2018), The Pursuit of Happiness, Goodwill Hunting
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    Telephone, Bad Romance, Judas, Breathin'
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    Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Shawn Mendes, Rita Ora
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    Swimming 💁🏼‍♂️ Love watching Diving, figure skating and gymnastics... oh and Tennis
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    Pop, Dance, Funk, Disco and all the sub genres inbetween
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    Edinburgh College
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    "There can be 100 people in a room and 99 don't believe in you, and all it takes is just 1 who does to make your dreams come true"

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  1. Can we get a 3rd clue?
  2. Craig

    The COP Room

    What would you be anxious about? Try your best to relax, maybe try some deep breathing? I'm probably not helping lmao Please just take care, hope you're okay
  3. Craig

    The COP Room

    You might be sick, like got a chest infection or just a common cold... usually if you are physically ill you'll feel like shit and have no desire to do things Take it easy, see a doctor if your chest is still sore!
  4. Craig

    The COP Room

    You'll be fine! Just have little bit of confidence in yourself
  5. Throwback to the time @WeKeepOnRockin made me the spokesperson of the Katy Kats on Twitter.... thanks :whereisit:

    1. WeKeepOnRockin


      it was more of a "omg look at this guy" thing. 

    2. Craig


      I know I know :whereisit:

  6. 10 year challenge? She don't know her
  7. I mean, I'm not used to listening to basic dance records If you like it, then you do you
  8. On seconds thoughts, its more a 7... definitely that chill bop like Friends
  9. You should listen to In The Zone. It's Britney's best:britbop:

  10. So apparently I'll Never Love Again is being sent to radio, finally getting the recognition it deserves 


    1. AmazingAzalean


      Always Remember Us This Way deserved :trishabawl:

    2. Craig


      Tbh yes, but I'll Never Love Again is THAT ballad... and I heard it on Smooth Radio tonight omg :trisha:

  11. I loved her album, the only track I didnt like was the Julia Michales collab. She deserved so much more