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  1. I see, so why is she trying to release an album when no one is here for her?
  2. Thank you, I hope so if they are your true friends, they wouldnt tell anyone. Friends dont stab eachother in the back... so for you I think it would be good to tell the people you trust the most first then once you're comfortable you can think about approaching your parents Its so shit how we have to come out to people. Like, life should just be fine with LGBTs in the world and we should be like straights that just live lives without having to say 'oh by the way, I'm straight'
  3. Uhm no... Its easier to do it with friends. Family is a whole other ball game, especially if you live with homophobic parents like me
  4. How did this manage to get a 2 grammy noms?
  5. How the fuck do you come out to your best friend? It was hard it enough telling him that I'm quitting swimming and I wont see him for ages :(

    1. KarenFromFinance


      If you suck his dick I’d say that’ll do the job :rih: 


      It’s hard, if it doesn’t feel like the right time then there’s no need to rush, specially for something like this 


    2. Craig


      What if he's straight? Tbh I've kind of had a crush on him the past year so anything could happen.mp3 :rih:


      Thank you, tbh I want to approach it with my family again... I was thinking about just putting a post on instagram so everyone knows but I feel like he should know before I do that since we've known eachother for over 5 years. Its just so hard, idk... maybe I'll get his number and tell him at a time that feels better


      I did have his number but I lost it when I smashed my phone



    3. KarenFromFinance


      If he’s straight then before you suck him off say “no homo even tho I’m homo” and go to town :rihwink:


      And from experience, telling people in person is harder, but much better in the end 


  6. They shouldnt do it for any artist; no matter how popular they are, what skin/race/religion they are... This is why the grammys are called the Scammys