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  1. Yes, I agree with that that's why Nicki will stay the queen of rap
  2. idk if she will be that huge in the US but she seems like she's on top of the UK right now
  3. Don't blame Cardi, blame whoever writes her shit, Cardi is just a fun, entertaining mouthpiece, her personality is what wins people over, she's like a fun muppet okcurrrr. She just here for the money, let her live.
  4. aw no BBMAs performance then, she'll still collect the trophy tho I guess
  5. that album cover and a Julia Michaelzzz feature, hopefully 'Queen' is about himself
  6. I've been streaming Invasion of Illiteracy too sis Money bag money bag money bag money bag money bag
  7. Thank you Queen, I've streamed Chun Li over 500 times so far on Spotify
  8. they're deaf too for stanning her cotton candy wispy vocals