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  1. 4 was an R&B centered album. R&B was remotely a mass marketable genre. With 4 she tried to mix R&B from the '70s and the '90s with rock and roll and a lot of horns to create something new and exciting. She wanted musical changes, bridges, vibrata, live instrumentation and classic songwriting. It was the turning point in her career. It was experimentation for her. She herself even stated the album was her doing what she wanted and not what society had bubbled her into. Their was not one single besides RTW that was radio friendly for that time in music. R&B wasn't getting airplay like pop music.
  2. The album was classic R&B infused with retro 80s. Run The World was elctropop. 4 was anything but basic. It was critically acclaimed and showed Beyoncé for the first time taking full artistic control of her career. It was the point in Beyoncé career that took her from a singles based artists to an albums artists.
  3. More like 4 by Beyoncé. She really went against the grain with that album and continued it with her self titled album.
  4. Overall this decade 1. Adele 2. Taylor Swift 3. Justin Bieber 4. Rihanna 5. Ed Sheeran 6. Beyoncé Since streaming took over (2016) 1. Adele 2. Ed Sheeran 3. Beyoncé 4. Drake 5. Taylor Swift 6. Rihanna
  5. I really don't understand the "no promotion" argument. She litteraly did SNL, Jingle Ball, had fans purchasing multiple copies for a place in line for tickets, has multiple music videos, had deals with Itunes, Spotify, Apple, YouTube hell even Tidal. All those platform's had banners up and even had screen pop up notifications letting you know Repuatation was out. She also had UPS trucks advertising her music and clearly had radio deals. The way of old promotion (Interviews, radio shows, talks shows, Televised performances GMA, Ellen, etc etc) is out. Artist are becoming more clever with promotion. Doesn't she also have a app? Anyway this era is clearly a slight setback, her next album will tell of the girls are truly done with her or not. Until than she still has stadium tour to embark on which will help push more albums.
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    Its my Mommas birthday. Im put this album on PS4 and turn up the surround sound lmao!
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    Why is my shit posting twice wth?
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    Wigs In Love with the floor is on!!
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    Wigs In Love with the floor is on!!
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    Yassss I'm so here!!!
  11. Actually just from Spotify and YouTube the song has 5.5m in SPS (Spotify) 303,792,702 + (YouTube MV) 443,211,802 + (YouTube Lyric MV) 78,282,671 = 825,287,175 streams which equates to 5,501,914 in equivalent sales.
  12. Highest grossing tour this year is U2 "Joshua Tree Tour" which grossed $316 million. Celine Dion has highest for female's with $101.2 million.
  13. People keep saying she's a feature yet the song is a duet and she's credit as LEAD artists on the charts. I don't see how she's desperate for a song she said yes to doing back in May and finished recording in September. Its not her fault Ed and his team were smart to release the song when Perfect was losing it's momentum.