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  1. This is gonna keep me occupied until BLACKPINK releases theirs
  2. Same, i'm not gonna bother trying to like french's verse if its trash.
  3. https://blog.emojipedia.org/apple-proposes-new-accessibility-emojis/
  4. Official Single Cover Most likely dropping next friday since thats when the Joyride Pre-Order drops
  5. Tinashe? Louisa? Janelle Monae? You got taste!
  6. there's a difference between being negative and giving criticism you dumbass lol this is social media so this is the easiest way for people to express their thoughts dont be pressed because there isnt someone like you on here that has the same mindset, i suggest you stop being annoying to me and if you dont like my opinion then that is your problem. goodbye now
  7. I hope RCA will focus more on "Me So Bad" I can lowkey see 'No Drama" being a sleeping hit after the album drops
  8. I hardly use anything on my phone besides social media and banking/financial apps